AT4-Swedish disposable anti-tank rocket grenade. The grenade launcher is intended primarily for fighting armored targets, but can be used as an anti-personnel weapon. The AT4 is a development of the 74 m Pskov m / 68 (Minimen) adopted by the Swedish
1805 Harper's Ferry
First and foremost, happy Fourth of July to you all, while a bit late, I'm happy to release to you this iconic American firelock. Secondly, this model has been around just as long as the P53, so I went ahead and brought it up to date with some
Doom 2016 Super Shotgun
This is a super shotgun based on the model developed by id for doom 2016. It's reload animation is much longer than the animation used in Doom as I thought that it would be more appropriate to the style of Ravenfield and that it would also act to
American large-caliber sniper rifle developed by McMillan Bros. For shooting from the TAC-50, 12.7×99 mm rifle cartridges are used. Technically, it is a 5-charge rifle with a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt.
T-72B3 (WIP)
The t-72B3 is a Russian main battle tank of the T-72 family. The t-72B3 modification was developed as an economical alternative to the main t-90A tank until the Russian Armed forces received the new generation of t-14 tanks. Now the model of this
S.2 Vipaz Light Carbine, Dieselponk concept
This is for a dieselpunk setting that I've been trying to put sense into these past days, I don't have much lore written down but I'd like to take a break from Delum and work on this for a while. I'm not too sure whether I'll make a Discord or not,
TTI TR1 in John Wick: Chapter 2. In Marksman category. Currently it's semi only, please let me know if it needs a full auto version. The reason why JW weapons are almost no recoil and with uncapped firerate is that I thought it may fit the
J-15 Flying Shark(CWP)
The Shenyang J-15 (Chinese: 歼-15), NATO reporting name: Flanker-X2, also known as Flying Shark (Chinese: 飞鲨), is a 4th generation, twin-jet, all-weather, carrier-based fighter aircraft in development by the Shenyang Aircraft Corporation and the 601
S71 Rifle Pack
This is my new Ravenfield mod: The S71 Assault Rifle Pack. Maybe my first Weapon Mod ready for the Workshop. Also massive thanks to chasieboy317 from Free3d for the Weapon Model. This Pack comes with two variants of the S71 Rifle. A normal and a
Flare Gun
Hello, welcome back to another of my weapon mods. I've decided to make something a bit more generic this time, that being a flare gun. The model is based of the Orion brand of flare gun, except this is Ravenfield so it is designed for combat here.
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