WW1/2 Skin Pack
dds 6 World War skins to Ravenfield. These are a British soldier, American soldier, a desert version of the American, a German soldier, another version of the German soldier, and a desert version. I plan to make more skins when I get less busy, and
(PA - 2LW) Skins Collection
Character models from Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War, now available to Beta branch players as standalone skins. Includes the following: Syrvanian Army Infantry When Chergaria invaded Syrvania in 524, Syrvania's armed forces were ragged and
[HL-RF] Combine Soldier Skin
Overview Hi all, Over the coming days I will be uploading some player models (Skins). This is the combine soldier player model that was meant to be used for a HL-RF map that I never got to finish. I hope you enjoy using this skin! Known Bugs - The
TMech Skin
How it feels to be a mech 101
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