We Will Bury You - 1960s and 1970s Soviets
Player models of soldiers of the USSR of the 1960s and 1970s will add the skin "We Will Bury You - 1960s and 1970s Soviets" to the game Ravenfield.
Tech Soldier
A modification of the base Ravenfield soldier, meant to be a little more ultra-modern and sleek, with easy to distuingish colors for ease of use.
Fires in the Far East II pt. 1 - Cold War PLA
The first part of the mod "Fires in the Far East II pt. 1-Cold War PLA" adds the people's liberation army of the cold war to the game Ravenfield.
Shark Girl
Mod "Shark Girl" adds the skin of a shark girl to the game Ravenfield.
Half-Life 2 Skin Pack
Skins Half-Life 2 Skin Pack for the game Ravenfield. Involve: Resistance Civil protection Overwatch Solider
Skins of the Middle East
This pack contains hardy men, used to a life of war! Contains: The Mamluks, riders of the desert, these men have the skills to engage their enemies from afar or up close. For years they have been hired as mercenaries by the Egyptians, but
Africa Addio pt. 2 - Post-Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa
Post-colonial forces in cold war Africa will add the mod Africa Addio pt. 2-Post-Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa to the game Ravenfield. The second part of the series of skins "Cold war Africa". The current focus is on the powers and groups that
Africa Addio pt. 1 - Colonial Forces in Cold War Africa
While Rhodesia and South Africa were independent from a colonial power (The British Empire), the white minority within those countries still held the majority of political power. And thus to any freedom fighters, Rhodesia and South Africa would
Victorian British Skins
Victorian British skins will add the mod Victoria British Skins to the game Ravenfield. The package includes: British soldiers of the Crimea British soldier - Zulu Wars British Highlander - Zulu Wars A proud Zulu warrior British soldier-Khaki
Victorian Prussian Skins
Welcome to a fun pack of Victorian period Prussian (and German) soldiers to muck around with! I wanted to experiment with the Victorian era and every(pony) foams at the mouth over Prussia for some reason, so I decided why not try Preußen soldiers?
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