Combine APC from HALF-LIFE 2 HP - 2500 Seats - 5 -Driver -Side Gunner -Rear gunner -Crew x2 Driver Weapons - 2 - Plasma Machinegun | Damage 20 | Ammo 30 | Reload 2 sec | - Wire Guided Missile | Damage 500 | Ammo 1 | Reload 2 sec | Gunner's Weapons -
Convair B-36 Peacemaker
In the ruins of civilisation, the Eagles and Ravens rose. Brought forth by the disappearance of life and the vacancy of power. They fought for millenia, and they did not know why they fought, but they fought hard. They fought for what little land
AH-90 Bandit [Horizon Defense Forces]
To the (almost) one-year anniversary of the Horizon Defense Forces project, I present you, the remastered version of the very first HDF mod that was ever in development- The AH-90 Bandit! Manufacturer: HWT Role: All-Weather Attack Helicopter Users:
Taurox APC
The Taurox Armoured Personnel Carrier is one of the many workhorses of the groundforces of the imperial guard. It's excellent at carrying squads of imperial guards men or other more specialized forces such as the tempestus scions to wherever the
[SPEC-OPS] Leopard C1
The Canadian Variant of the 1A3, the Leopard C1! Contains: Leopard C1: -One 105mm L7A3 Cannon (APFSDS and HEATFS), 6.7s Reload -Stabilized Turret -Smoke Countermeasures -One 7.62mm MG3A1 MG (Coax), 7s Reload -1 Crew + 3 Passengers -2970 HP
This Mod is modeled on the GSDF amphibious vehicle (AAV7). Developed for US Marine Corps landing operations, this vehicle has a characteristic body that is like an armored vehicle or boat. During the operation, AAV7 starts off from the landing ship,
Content: TYPE 96 WAPC Helth: 2500 Seat size: 9 (Driver 1, Passenger 8) Main Weapon ammo:12, Damage:500 Selectable category: Jeep, Jeep MG, Tank, APC, Attack Helicopter, Transport Helicopter, Bomber plane
The Douglas C-47 Skytrain or Dakota is a military transport aircraft developed from the civilian Douglas DC-3 airliner. It was used extensively by the Allies during World War II and remains in front-line service with various military operators.
Kei Truck
The particularities of the Japanese auto market have yielded a broad range of ultra-compact vehicles, such as the Kei truck. Tiny, yet versatile, these trucks can be seen just about everywhere in Japan, filling a variety of roles both on and off the
BT-5 Variants
The Legendary Jumping Boi, the BT-5! Contains: BT-5 1933: -One 45mm Cannon (APHEBC and AP), 3.8s Reload -One 7.62mm MG (Coax), 7s Reload -1 Crew + 2 Passengers -2760 HP -Uber Version (Untracked) BT-5 1934: -One 45mm Cannon (APHEBC and AP), 3.8s
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