An unknown prototype tank from Brasil : the EE-T1. It was never used by any countries ! Weapons - 120 mm GIAT G1 smoothbore gun(P2) - M2HB 12.7 mm machine gun Performances - Top speed : 70 km/h (43 mph) - Weigth : 38,9 tonne Caracteristics - Year of
Viper-NC Pack Vol. 1
Viper-NC Pack Vol.1 The Viper-NC is an assault aircraft first used during the Raven offensive of 1942. The MK-1 was the first in line deployed during the siege of Dustbowl. Their improved fire rate and centralised machine guns combined with a newly
VM-22 Osprey
HECU MARINESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Includes: VM-22 VM-22 plane version Model From "James Bonde"
ZBD-09: Infantry Fighting Vehicle
The ZBD-09 or also known as Type-08 a IFV made in china (with a better quality than the usual chinese products) Holding up to 4 Passengers with the addition of a driver who takes control of the mounted cannon and a gunner who takes control of the
Ersatz M10 "False Panther"
The German War Crime Panther, the Ersatz M10! Contains: Ersatz M10: One 75mm cannon (APCBC)
Defend the reich! HP:600 30mm MK-108 * 2 Droppable gear
WWII British Pack
Just another mod of me clearing out some old assets I forgot to release. Includes 3 vehicles and 1 turret -Hawker Hurricane -Avro Lancaster -Churchill Mk. IV -Anti-air
Matilda tank I've had in my files for a while. Equipped with cannon and coaxial MG. Custom sounds and model. Enjoy
20mm Flakvierling 38
The 20mm Flakvierling 38, Anti-Aircraft Gun. So this is an Anti-Aircraft gun. There's two versions of this. A HUD version, less historically accurate but easier to aim, and a regular version, which has 'sights' that I tried to make. If I figure out
M-650 Ragnarök [Helios Weapons &Tech/Horizon]
When a big cannon isnt enougth, get a bigger one. When mix Electromagnetic energy and 750 kg of tungsten in just the right way, you got a projectile that can punch through any material known to man. This is probably the biggest cannon I ever made.
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