The main battle tank of the Japanese armed forces - TYPE 90 MBT for the game Ravenfield. The tank has a classic layout, with the placement of the control compartment in the frontal part, the combat compartment — in the middle and the engine and
Herro there. This wonderous... uh, super heavy tank, the IS-10X, is a custom made Iosif Stalin tank that I drew on paper and made in Ravenfield. It has a lot of HP, a heck load of damage, but its speed and reload speed is... quite bad. Though that
Mozfoo's Laser Vehicles
This is basically an extension for my Laser Guns mod, to make it more complete. I'll list the vehicles below, in order of the pictures provided above. 
Laser UFO
A monstrous UFO boss and its companion (or enemy if you want) the Airguardian in red and in blue, in black and in white. The UFO contains: - A fat deathlaser which roasts everything in its path - 4 AA-Gunners on the top - 4 more AA-Gunners with
Zeppelin Pack
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield 4 types of airships used in the First world war. List: MK. 3 - the smallest of all airships. It has 2 sets of engines and displayed near the transport airship Finishplay.  The main weaponry - a powerful,
Super-heavy German tank of the Second world war - VK 100.01 for the game Ravenfield. Created by the company "Porsche", one of the prototypes of the super-heavy tank Maus.
Laser Vehicles DARK EDITION
Some epic Sci-Fi Vehicles and Turrets sorted by red and blue. This is Work in Progress so more stuff is yet to come and whats here allready aint perfect. So comment bugs. - Hoverbike - Laser MG-Jeep - Laser Tank - Laser MG - Experimental Turret -
World War Ravenfield Conversion
convert your RF game into an all out WWI-II battlefield with this collection of mods that replaces everything in game and adds a few maps to play WWII configs coming soon
WWI Zeppelin
Basically it´s just a Zeppelin I made for WWI configs. It can replace all air vehicles. I am already working on other WWI related Vehicles and Maps, but since I am new to modding and this is my first vehicle I have to fix some problems. I want to
Vanilla + Attack Boats
Team-specific models for the attack boat, functionally identical to the originals. Inspired by the upcoming vanilla vehicle redesigns, also the fact that I was never a big fan of how the attack boat looked and there's no word on whether or not
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well this is not a real horse, it's a little pony and look adorable, good mod
How can Use use they Grande launcher? I hope you can answer me :)
Как брать самолет вместе, как SU-47 YF-23
I have no doubt that judging by your childish behaviour that your mods are not
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