(Project Altirus) N'bele Water-Tractor
The N'bele Water-Tractor was designed by Beirunese Minister of Works of the Western Buffer Territories, Angati N'bele, in the late 510s. Its original role was to act as a prime mover during the development of infrastructure for smaller, more remote
Turret Pack
There are four turrets in this pack. I will list them here, in the order of the pictures shown above. 1: Dual TOW The dual TOW is like the original tow, except now you get a 2 in 1 deal. AMMO: 4 Wire Guided Missles RELOAD: 5 sec. HP: 1000 2: HMG A
USS Iowa
The Iowa class was a class of six fast battleships ordered by the United States Navy in 1939 and 1940. They were initially intended to intercept fast capital ships such as the Japanese Kongō class while also being capable of serving in a traditional
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield excellent transport - horse. Thanks to him, you will be able to drive where any equipment will not pass.
Panzerkampfwagen E-100
The German heavyweight tank E-100 is the dream of the engineers of the Third Reich to create a more effective rival to mouse, who developed the famous Ferdinand Porsche. Now this model of the tank is available in the game Ravenfield.
Laser Vehicles [WIP]
Some epic Sci-Fi Vehicles and Turrets sorted by red and blue. This is Work in Progress so more stuff is yet to come and whats here allready aint perfect. So comment bugs Currently available: Hoverbike Laser MG-Jeep Laser Tank Laser MG Experimental
Leopard 2A7
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield German main battle tank - Leopard 2A7. "Leopard 2" has a classic layout, with the placement of the engine and transmission compartment in the aft, the combat compartment in the middle and the control
Type VII U-Boat
In the early stages of the war the U-boats were extremely effective in destroying Allied shipping due to the large gap in mid-Atlantic air cover. Cross-Atlantic trade in war supplies and food was extensive and critical for Britain's survival. The
Fletcher-class destroyer
The long-range Fletcher-class ships performed every task asked of a destroyer, from anti-submarine warfare and anti-aircraft warfare to surface action. They could cover the vast distances required by fleet actions in the Pacific and served almost
Delta's F-14A "Tomcat" (IRIAF)
Jet into the Danger Zone with the iconic F-14 Tomcat, featuring an unusual paint scheme based off the Tomcat's service with Iran during the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. Fight Saddam in the skies with your 20mm Vulcan cannon and AIM-54 Missiles, with your
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well this is not a real horse, it's a little pony and look adorable, good mod
How can Use use they Grande launcher? I hope you can answer me :)
Как брать самолет вместе, как SU-47 YF-23
I have no doubt that judging by your childish behaviour that your mods are not
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