M16A1 pack
The long awaited re-release of my M16a1! Now I don't care if you don't like the same weapons being made over and over by different people, I didn't like any other m16 mods so I made my own. So this is my first fully customized gun mod, with custom
[WW2 Collection] Boys AT rifle pack
Designed to be a portable AT solution for the British army,the Boys AT rife saw a lot of action,mainly in Finland during the Winter War,and in WW2.For the Finns it was a great AT,as it could deal with Soviet T-26s relatively easily.During WW2 it was
[WW2 Collection] Webley Mk IV
The Webley Mk IV series was designed to be a version of the Webley Mk VI chambered in a far easier to use,but still powerful .38 round,as the previous .455 was proven too large for military use.This version in particular is the Mk I,which could be
[WW2 Collection] Type 100 smg
The Imperial Japanese army was very late to adopt sub machine guns, in fact, their prototypes and experiments on the Bergmann SIG 1920,which eventually led to the Type 100 as we know (the early version in fact) did not begin real deployment until
Hoshshoku-Sha SDW-21 (Project: Cyberraven)
The Hoshshoku-She SAW-21 mod (Project: Cyberraven) adds the powerful hoshshoku-Sha SDW-21 submachine gun to the Ravenfield game. The gun is mostly used by Royal eagles, but also by many criminals. It is cheap, fairly reliable and versatile, however,
[WW2 Collection] M28-30 "Finnish Mosin"
An upgrade on the M28,the M28-30 was developed to improved upon it's design.The main changes were the sights,being more accurate,and a new barrel of higher quality.There was also an update in the magazine to make it "jam free" (which was marked
[WW2 Collection] Mors smg
The Mors submachine gun was supposed to become the smg of the Polish army and support personnel.Designed in 1936 and absed on the ERMA EMP,the main difference was the magazine being under the gun and not on the side.By 1939,only 39 were produced,and
[WW2 Collection] MP-34
After WW1,Germany could not build machine guns with a barrel longer than 100mm,nor with more than 8 round magazines.To circumvent this,Rheinmetall bought a Swiss company and designed a weapon based on the MP18.The manufacturing was done in Austria
[WW2 Collection] Bechowiec-1
During the German occupation,the Polish resistance was always looking for more guns to arm their partisans.Henryk Strąpoć was a blacksmith that designed a submachine gun in 1943 for that use.It worked like an automatic pistol,was small,and used
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