This mod contains 3 weapons : a M82A3 with a 2x red dot scope, a M82A3 with a 80x scope and an Anti-Tank M82A3 with a 2x scope. M82A3 - 2x Damage Damage : 200 at any range (One shot anywhere) Impact force : 200 RHIB : 3 shots Plane : 3 shots Jeep :
Suomi KP/-31
A sub-machine gun (SMG) that was made in Finland around the 1930s. Many people would say that this was the SMG that spawned the popular Soviet PPSH-41. In actual fact, only the 71-round magazine box was copied, everything else for the most part is
[Fallout Project] Combat Rifle/Shotgun Pack
A Pre-war firearm commonly found in Fallout 4, used originally by the military, these weapons find their way into the hands of Raiders and Gunners. Chambers in .45, .38 and .308 rounds Note:Fallout 4 has no bullet drop. Rifles -Automatic -Short:
[Fallout Project] Fatman Pack
“The Fat Man is perhaps the most devastating infantry weapon ever unleashed upon the modern battlefield - a hand-held catapult that launches portable nuclear bombs”— VDSG Catalogue No.9716 First entered service in September 2077 with the U.S. Army,
Interwars weapons pack
This is a series of weapons that were mainly used between WW1 and WW2.I made it because i though this period of history is mostly mising from the workshop,so i hope you enjoy it :) +Weapons: -MP28->German SMG based on the MP18.It was used by a
BUG.Advanced Reload M95 M95-R M95-A
AK Pack
I will continue adding to this pack. I just published what I currently have since a lot of people have been asking me to release it lately.
The Lasgun a.k.a. Lasrifle, The Lasgun, also sometimes referred to as a Lasrifle, is a directed-energy antipersonnel weapon used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man, and it is the most common and widely-used type of laser weapon in the
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Add the m113 apc for ravenfield
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Hello,i used this mod and i have one question. Why i only can use the tank for
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