SIG P320 (M17) Minipack
The P320, a 9mm pistol with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and relatively lower spread and recoil. It boasts great accuracy and high versatility, making it perfect for any situation- Whether you are going CQC, on a stealth mission, out in the
Desert Eagle .50
A large-caliber Desert Eagle self-loading pistol .50 for Ravenfield. Fashion features: The weapon has 7 rounds in the magazine and 49 in stock. The rear sight and front sight are equipped with tritium inserts. Weapons can be found using the
[WW2 Collection] Egg Hand Grenade No.3
The Eihandgranaat No.3 (Egg hand grenade No.3) was another Dutch offensive grenade of WW2,this one being an extremely light (~200 grams),with a very big explosive filling (~100 grams).It only had a very thin metal jacket,so it's shrapnel was very
[WW2 Collection] M1911A1 Remake
Self-loading pistol with a cartridge .45 ACP. Developed by John Moses Browning in 1908 under the name Colt-Browning. The gun was used by officers and non-commissioned officers of all types of the armed forces. Now the model of this gun is available
A shortened version of the AKS-74U assault rifle for the Ravenfield game, was developed in the late 1970s and early 1980s to arm combat vehicle crews, aircraft, gun crews, and paratroopers.
Melee Weapon Megapack
The lack of melee weapons on this workshop is actually quite shocking- So I made some myself. Introducing, my own melee megapack. This mod has 29 melee weapons, including Blunt and Sharp melees. (There are more coming in the future) Blunt Weapons:
Manta MK1 .50E pack (Project: Cyberraven)
The Manta is a special energy SMG that charges before it fires. It's concept is made by STORM Industries as is it manufactured by STORM. It generally is a good choice for support fire and mostly is used by special heavy troops, the gun is mostly
Smart Rocket
The Smart Rocket power up from Star Wars Battlefront. Everyone's favorite power-up-jump-pack combination! Features: -Custom models -Custom particles -Custom UI -Custom sounds (from Star Wars Battlefront) -Custom animations
[WW2 Collection] Egg Hand Grenade No.1
Designed in 1920 as a defensive grenade,the Eihandgranaat No.1 (Egg hand grenade No.1) was one of the main grenades of the Dutch army.This grenade had a lot of explosive,more than most grenades of the time,but was still relatively light and could be
[WW2 Collection] Schokhandgranaat
Develop as a kind of defensive grenade to throw from inside a trench or from behind cover (over it),this Dutch impact grenade was quickly developed during WW1 in case the Dutch entered it,and became one of the main grenades of the Dutch army.It had
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