The Chinese bullpup layout sniper rifle, developed in the late 1980s for the Chinese Weapons Project, introduces the QBU-88 (CWP) mod into the Ravenfield game. Mod Features: QBU-88 (designated shooter) 5.8 × 42mm Ammunition: 10 (+1) / 60
The PuPSh-41 mod adds the Soviet 7.62-mm submachine gun of the 1941 model of the Shpagin system to the Ravenfield game. The structure of the bullpup PuPSh-41 may not work in real life.
The German infantry automatic rifle M27, based on the Heckler & Koch HK416, adds this mod to the game Ravenfield. Used by the US Marine Corps and is designed to enhance the maneuverability of automatic firing.
CS:GO R8 Revolver Pack
The *cough cough* totally not broken gun is here! It has 2 variants. Ammo: 8/40 Rate of fire: 0.8 Single Action/Double Action Found in: "HANDGUNS, CSGO, TERRORISTS" and "COUNTER-TERRORISTS"
Dera (Warframe)
A weapon of precise tuning and finesse, the Corpus Dera is an energy weapon built for the marksman in remind, geared for high accuracy at the cost of impact. A reliable weapon for storming more open battlefield, in contrast to the Grineer
[WW2 Collection] M1918A2 BAR
Designed before the USA entered WW1,an improved version of this gun became the standard squad light machine gun for the US army in 1938. As the USA entered the war, and started fighting German units with increasingly higher numbers of automatic guns
A set of LRX combat assault rifles for the Ravenfield game. The kit includes: LRX; LRX-S; LRX-I; LRX-S / I.
The MP5K mod adds the commercial self-loading version of the MP5 submachine gun (Maschinenpistole 5) to the Ravenfield game. Developed by the German manufacturer of small arms Heckler & Koch and produced from 1989 to 1994.
Sako TRG-42 Hexa Urban Camo
The Sako TRG-42 is a light sniper rifle made in Finland and was originally designed in 1999 for hunting. Features a dynamic reload system, animated idle position and more realistic transitions between sprinting and aiming. Stat: Damage: 88 Ammo:
QTS-11 individual integrated combat system. Dual barrel integrated bullpup airburst grenade launcher/Assault rifle multi-weapon system developed and produced by China North Industries Group Corporation. Note: Airburst grenade has 25m fuse The scope
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