Type89 Grenade Discharger / Type 97 Hand Grenade
The Type 89 Grenade Discharger (八九式重擲弾筒 Hachikyū-shiki jū-tekidantō), inaccurately and colloquially known as a knee mortar by Allied forces, is a Japanese grenade launcher or light mortar that was widely used in the Pacific Ocean theatre of World
[WW2 Collection] SVT series pack
After the disappointment of the AVS-36,Fedor Tokarev submitted for trials what would later be called SVT-38;it was to be the Soviet army's semi automatic rifle.It was extremely complex when compared to other Soviet guns of the time,and after it's
Hi-Point Carbine
The Hi-Point Carbine is a pistol caliber carbine chambered in 9mm ammunition. This weapon has medium damage, good range but suffers from low ammo capacity. The mod contains three variants : • The regular carbine without any modifications. • An
[PPO] Para FAL pack
The IMBEL M964 PARA FAL was a different model of the M964 (brazilian FAL) with a Folding Stock made by IMBEL it was created in 2009 and was adopted by the army first by the ParaTroopers Infantry Brigade and because of that it was called by the
Nambu Type14
The Nambu pistols (南部拳銃 or 南部大型自動拳銃 Nanbu kenjuu or Nanbu ōgata jidou-kenjuu) were a series of semi-automatic pistols produced by the Japanese company Koishikawa Arsenal later known as the Tokyo Artillery Arsenal. The series had five variants, the
Colt Single Action Army
Cavalry model in .45 Colt with 7 1/2 in barrel and a Frontier Six Shot Gunfighter Model in 44-40.
Heckler end Koch G3
The HK G3 is a German made, select fire battle-rifle chambered in a NATO 7.62x51mm round which travels at 800 m/s with a magazine capacity of 20 rounds. The project started development in the 1950's however the, the early prototypes took inspiration
Soviet F1
A Soviet WWII and Cold War F1 frag grenade. Features: Custom model Custom sounds Custom particle effects
Project WW1 Finalized
Every item, vehicle, and map made by Project WW1. Finished and WIP. This project has ceased all further development and has shut down. This final mod collection is the complete collection of all assets made by the development team for the past
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