Stuka Airstrike
call in the airsupport!! -ai can use it - the bomb is tricky watch out :P - a radio "gun" will soon be updated - this mod can be found in GEAR
The AEK-971 is a Russian AK based assault rifle, chambered in 5.45×39mm.
Ternary Islands
Eagles are preparing to take over a key position called "Ternary Islands" to secure a victory in the war against the Ravens. Unfortunately, the Ravens are aware of their plan and so have prepared defences to push back them back. Will you help the
SSG 3000
The SSG 3000 sniper rifle by Sig Sauer chambered in 7.62×51mm
I can't add some details in ravenfield yah.again a big trouble with blender【picture 1~2】 if somebody who know how to fix it please reply
[WW2 Collection] Bren gun
Light classic Bren machine gun during world war II adds this mod to the game Ravenfield. It was developed in the early 1930s and was used in the British army in various roles until 1992. While it is best known as a means of supporting the infantry
DC-15 Blaster Rifle
Mod DC-15 Blaster Rifle adds to the game Ravenfield standard Blaster rifle clone troopers Republic, elite soldiers of the great Army of the Republic. Widely applied thanks to their deadly mobility and lethal damage. The smaller DC-15S Blaster rifle,
[WW2 Collection] Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I
The No.4 Mk I was an early 1930's bolt action rifle,adopted by the British in 1941.It was easier to produce than the previous Enfield variant.It had a very smooth bolt cycle,and thus a fire rate of up to 30 (aimed) shots per minute. STATS:
Corner automatico
Special weapon for installing automatico pistols on special accessories, allowing you to attack while seeing enemies without exposing yourself and being countered, but be aware that its effective range is very short -Custom model(Except automatico)
Glock Remastered
I've finally finished the remaster of the Glock. The carbine converted one will take a while though.
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downloaded and moved the file to the mod folder but do not appear in the custom
well this is not a real horse, it's a little pony and look adorable, good mod
How can Use use they Grande launcher? I hope you can answer me :)
Как брать самолет вместе, как SU-47 YF-23
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