Project Estros: Elite Weaponry Pack 2
Third weapon pack, for Project Estros. Contains the Atheonian Trium Iecit pistols, in burst and semi-automatic conversions, Trium Iecit burst and semi-automatic carbines, and the Castleton 7.7mm Patrol automatic rifle, firing the same high powered
Automag III
Automag III for the game Ravenfield. The Automag III is a self-loading pistol designed by Harry Sanford. AutoMag 3 shoots bullets .30Carbine, which during world war II were designed for the M1 carbine and 9mm Winchester Magnum. The gun is made of
Mod adds weapons to the game KSG. KSG is a smooth-bore gun with a longitudinally sliding forearm (pump reloading), built according to the bullpup scheme, the main feature of which is the presence of two, parallel located, tubular stores located
Stubby-12 (Super Shorty/Shorty-12G)
Battlefield 4's favorite secondary shotgun, now in Ravenfield! Featuring a Ravenfield-ized model, custom animations and a lore-friendly name, the Stubby-12 is ready for fighting the Reds. As long as you're within 2 feet of the enemy, of course.
[Project WW3] FA-MAS
So,Erazer made a FA-MAS literally out of nowhere,i animated it,and now we are here.It fires in 3 round bursts (the fire rate during a burst is 1100 rpm btw),it kills in 3 shots at close to medium range,i hope they don't pirate this one as fast as
MK17 SCAR-H, comes equipped with an Elcan Specter 1-4.
Faithfull Bishop
The Faithfull Bishop, The Faithfull Bishop was a marvel of it's time. Capable of shooting highly volatile bolts in quick succession, This was a prefered weapon by all clerics during the Eagle Unification wars in 1103. It had served the Eagle church
[SWP] E-5
The standard CIS Droid weapon, has 20 shots before cooldown, custom animations, model and UI sprite
Project Altirus: Weapons of The Second Leersog War
Project Altirus weapons for Syrvania and Hetland. Work on more weapons, as well as tweaks and rebalances for older weapons, is ongoing. UPDATE - 18JAN19 - Mountain gun can now fire smoke rounds in addition to HE. Cycle between ammo types with 1 and
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pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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