Ravengrounds SMG Package
Up close and personal SMG goodness. With a high rate of fire and snappy reloads, the only thing hampering these weapons' ability to dominate is very limited range. This package contains the 4 SMGs found in PUBG, all modeled to their likeness in the
Fallout 4 Fatman
Destroy everything! Knawledge - The M42 Fat Man is an effective mortar/artillery weapon, allowing a person to bombard a large area with good precision and deadly force. It uses a mini nuke for ammunition which when fired, results in a small nuclear
ARC-170 [Beretta ARX-160]
A combat rifle for the modern age. This sleak rifle fires high velocity ammo at a blistering 800rpm, available in standard, tactical, marksman, infantry support, grenadier, battle rifle, and PDW variants. Coming updates: -continued patches NOTE: To
The Acuracy International Precision Marksman (designated L96A1) is a bolt-action sniper rifle designed by the British company Accuracy International. It has proved popular as a civilian, polic, and military rifle since its introduction in the
Helios Weapon&Tech AR55 [Horizon]
From the deeps of space, rigth from SIRIUS-II, the best of the Horizon Engineers have been working on a standart issue rifle for the Defense Forces- SO they made the AR55. The AR55 is the Horizon Defense Forces Standart-Issue Assault Rifle. It fires
[Fallout Project] Caravan Shotgun
A double-barreled over-and-under Shotgun used in the Mojave. These have signs of wear and decay following extensive use in the desert, and has been maintained with whatever caravans have on them. Features: -2 Rounds per reload -12 Dmg x 12 shot
Barrett M82
Barrett M82 By: New-BEING-Newbie for Ravenfield.
COMRADES! IT IS TIME! -NEW MODEL Made to look EVEN MORE Ravenfield! Updated for Update 10! The RPG-7 is a portable, reusable, unguided, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Originally the RPG-7 and its predecessor, the
MK14 [pack]
MK14-Scoped MK14-A MK14-E[FA] MK14[FA]
Mauser Carbine
Nobody will C96 Carbine you coming with this gun!
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