Anti-Tank Mine (Vanilla+)
I got the idea to make an anti-tank mine in school, so I went home and broke my hiatus and made this. The A.T. mine is a gear item that lets you place down landmines that explode when any vehicle runs into them. Infantry cannot trigger the mine, but
[WW2 Collection] Kar variants pack redone
This is a redux of our old Kar98k series, this time a bit bigger (includes the Polish Wz29 as a variant).We will probably add new kar-like guns, like the Vz24 and so, in the future STATS: Damage: 104 (Kar),106 (Wz29) (1 shot in close range); Loaded
The FAMAS (Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Étienne, in English "Assault Rifle from the Saint-Étienne Weapon Factory") is a bullpup-styled assault rifle designed and manufactured in France by MAS located in Saint-Étienne, which is
QBZ-95 (CWP)
Chinese Weapons Project - QBZ-95. QBZ-95-1(Assault Rifle): 5.8×42mm Ammo: 30(+1)/210 QBZ-95B-1(Carbine): 5.8×42mm Ammo: 30(+1)/210 QBZ-95-1 ACP(Assault Rifle): 5.8×42mm Ammo: 30(+1)/210
AS Val
The AS Val is a Soviet-designed rifle featuring an integrated suppressor. Development of a special rifle (AS) "Shaft" began in the first half of the 1980s in the Central Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TSNIITOCHMASH), in the city of
[WW2 Collection] Wz 35 Vis (FB Vis)
Designed as a copy of the M1911 chambered in 9mm, the Wz 35 Vis (FB Vis) was to become the standard pistol of the Polish army. When the German invasion came, only about half of the weapons had been produced, they were mainly delivered to officers.
[WW2 Collection] KbWz 35 (AT Rifle)
Based on the Gewehr 98,and using an specially developed 7,92x131.2 mm cartridge, this weapon was developed to be the mobile AT solution of the Polish army during the interwar period. With a reliable action and the power to penetrate lighthly armored
Type 81 (CWP)
Chinese Weapons Project. Type 81-1(Assault Rifle) 7.62×39mm Ammo: 30(+1)/180 Type 81-1 E(Assault Rifle) 7.62×39mm Ammo: 30(+1)/180 Holo sight version. Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.
[WW2 Collection] MP41
After designing the MP40, Hugo Schmeisser started to work on a variant that would be better suited for "regular" use (as opposed to the assault purpose of the MP40). Combining the MP40 with the MP28,he created the MP41. This gun was not as
GyroJet & Dardick Pack
Includes variants of the two most unique exotic weapons. Gyrojet Mark II Firing a .49 caliber rocket.[10] Gyrojet Assault Rifle Assault rifle variant with M16-type ergonomics. Has full auto capability and a removable grip inserted magazine. Gyrojet
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