Gewehr M.95 Pack
The Gewehr M.95, also known as the Mannlicher M.1895, was a bolt action rifle used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WW1. With a straight pull bolt, this rifle boasts a blistering 66 RPM (pretty quick for a bolt action), as well as the ability
The Compatriot is a modified version of the patriot, that of which has a extended barrel for more range and velocity, and a scope to assist with accuracy. Stats: Ammo: 30 Bullet Velocity: 1200 m/s Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Marksman Damage: 100
Pistol FN57 for Ravenfield.
[WW2 Collection] Colt M1911
The classic Colt M1911,coming from erazer and I's WW2 collection,now standalone too STATS: -Damage->40 (3 shot kill at medium range) -Loaded ammo->7 CREDITS: -Model->Erazer -Sounds->Erazer
Packful of Pistols
A pack full of pistols. Ok, there are only 3 pistols at the time but it will be expanded in the future. Updates will be slow due to college. You can expect something new in August or September this year. Jericho Pistol An Isrealian pistol made in
[WW3] Chukavin
Semi-automatic sniper rifle Chukavina - microwave production concern Kalashnikov, adds this mod to the game Ravenfield. The rifle has a semi-automatic design with a low stroke of the gas piston. Part of the muzzle gases when fired is spent on
2 020
FunKey Arms Bullet Guns
We at FunKey Arms or F.K.A. for short believe efficiency is everything. Why do you really need this metal junk for shooting the bullets? Why not use a big bullet to shoot little bullets!? Makes perfect sense, trust us were experts. Enjoy our line of
[WW3] WW3 Weapons Pack
Special thanks for theire help to complete this project: Sui, for firing sounds of the ACE 21 and the AUG Solar, for founding this amazing project Mellamomellamo, for having barly enougth stamina and mental stability to animate all of this VOVCHEG,
Beta M4A1 Assault Rifle Pack
Post any and all improvements, I know there are some but I am just lazy so ignore some of the UI Icon things, and the stupid bots holding the guns. As far as I know, the hecking bots only use the "M4A1 Holo (Primary)" weapon normally. Beta guns: -
MK14 [pack]
MK14-Scoped MK14-A MK14-E[FA] MK14[FA]
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downloaded and moved the file to the mod folder but do not appear in the custom
well this is not a real horse, it's a little pony and look adorable, good mod
How can Use use they Grande launcher? I hope you can answer me :)
Как брать самолет вместе, как SU-47 YF-23
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