Project Altirus: Weapons of The Second Leersog War
Project Altirus weapons for Syrvania and Hetland. Work on more weapons, as well as tweaks and rebalances for older weapons, is ongoing. UPDATE - 18JAN19 - Mountain gun can now fire smoke rounds in addition to HE. Cycle between ammo types with 1 and
Bruiser Preview Pack (Untitled Project WIP)
A preview pack containing a couple WIPs for another project I've been meaning to get started on. Coming maybe soon depending on how PA naval stuff goes. Bruisers are the final word in area control and denial. A heavy automatic cannon and a personal
The classic Vietnam M16A1 With a 20 and 30 round magazine and semi and automatic versions of each. The model is mine and keep in mind I am a beginner to Blender. For all you people begging me to make an M14 and M1911, <insert Jurassic Park
50-Cal Full Autocannon
50-Cal Full Autocannon, An Autocannon is an automatic, self-loading heavy ballistic weapon that fires a high velocity hail of solid shells, and is used by the military forces of the Imperium of Man. It is an ancient weapon, but has nevertheless
War on Terror Pack
This pack adds a total of 49 weapons to your inventory from the Global War on Terror. All weapons are in the "Coalition" and "Insurgent" catagories, as well as "stealth", and "infantry support" when appropriate. MAR-16 This “Modern Assault Rifle”
Collection of WW2 Weapons
YOU CAN FIND THE LEGACY VARIANTS ON THE LEGACY ANIMATIONS TAB Weapon list: -Germans:ᅠ +Kar 98k (2 variants,grenade launcher and bayonet,press X to switch to them)(Model by Erazer,sounds by Jay) +MP40 (Firing sound by Rift)(Thanks Joshie for helping
[WW2 Collection] Kar98k
STATS: -Damage-> 105 (один выстрел на среднем расстоянии) -Загруженные патроны -> 5 пуль для штатных винтовочных ВАРИАНТОВ : -Grenade launcher-> Нажмите X, чтобы оборудовать Gewehrgranatengerät (винтовочную гранату), которая использует
Fart25 Stats - Super-Speed Rocket - Long Range - Anyone getting hit will fly off (mostly) - Destroys from Infantry to Planes/Tanks Features - Infinite Ammo - That's all ig
Type38 Arisaka REMASTERED
Finally, I was able to complete this mod! But I'll have a lot of Bugs. So If you find bugs, Please comment!! ■Type38 Arisaka (6.5x50mmAmmo) ・Damage:102/1shot ・Ammo:5/1mag ・Bullet Speed:810m/s ■Type99 ShortRifle (7.7x58mmAmmo) ・Damage:115/1shot
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downloaded and moved the file to the mod folder but do not appear in the custom
well this is not a real horse, it's a little pony and look adorable, good mod
How can Use use they Grande launcher? I hope you can answer me :)
Как брать самолет вместе, как SU-47 YF-23
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