For my return to the Ravenfield community, I introduce to you the PARA-308, a 7.62x51mm NATO assault rifle. Equipped with a red dot sight, this weapon can be extremely effective in close to mid range combat, but must be used carefully at longer
Mercs & Marines - Colonial Marine Arsenal
Greetenings! This mod contains pulse rifles, grenade launchers attached to pulse rifles, rocket launchers, combat armor, shotguns from the 30s, tanks, and more to come from the future of the 80s! Be warned that I have never animated anything before
AirStrike [MIG-29][Spec-Ops]
Point target with laptop, then MIG-29 will destroy target with 2 cluster bombs Weapon place: Gears > Spec Ops > [MIG-29 AirStrike] Gears > Equipment > [MIG-29 AirStrike] Secondery > Spec Ops > [MIG-29 AirStrike]
Hunting Rifle
Still a WIP. A hunting rifle I made in ~a day, based off a Steyr Mannlicher SM 12.
This mod contains 3 weapons : a M82A3 with a 2x red dot scope, a M82A3 with a 80x scope and an Anti-Tank M82A3 with a 2x scope. M82A3 - 2x Damage Damage : 200 at any range (One shot anywhere) Impact force : 200 RHIB : 3 shots Plane : 3 shots Jeep :
Suomi KP/-31
A sub-machine gun (SMG) that was made in Finland around the 1930s. Many people would say that this was the SMG that spawned the popular Soviet PPSH-41. In actual fact, only the 71-round magazine box was copied, everything else for the most part is
[Fallout Project] Combat Rifle/Shotgun Pack
A Pre-war firearm commonly found in Fallout 4, used originally by the military, these weapons find their way into the hands of Raiders and Gunners. Chambers in .45, .38 and .308 rounds Note:Fallout 4 has no bullet drop. Rifles -Automatic -Short:
[Fallout Project] Fatman Pack
“The Fat Man is perhaps the most devastating infantry weapon ever unleashed upon the modern battlefield - a hand-held catapult that launches portable nuclear bombs”— VDSG Catalogue No.9716 First entered service in September 2077 with the U.S. Army,
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what's the map your use?
Make an update for this one please! The newest version of this vehicle is
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pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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