NuclearStrike [BGM-109 Tomahawk]
With Laser Targeter you can point target, and after little time a nuclear missile arrives Weapon place: Gears>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[BGM-109 Tomahawk] Gears>Equipment>[BGM-109 Tomahawk] Secondery>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[BGM-109 Tomahawk]
R6S SR-25(AR-15) Blackbeard weapon
R6S SR-25(AR-15) Blackbeard weapon for Ravenfield.
YA YEET m82a3 this baby is a semi auto that does 237 damage, it wont one shot in the appendages, but it will take out helis jeeps in quite a few shots ext. it has 10 bullets in a mag and 20 in storage or whatever.
Qujmey Rifle || Large Game Rifle
The Qujmey rifle is a large game rifle that comes from a fantasy country with a large hunting population. This mod comes with -custom animations -dynamic reloads -custom sounds -custom model Animations were made by JoeThePirate. -150 damage per shot
EX-77, aka PSG44 Hybrid BAL DER Shotgun The EX-77 is the first ever weapon which was able to successfully accelerate steel pellets. By Combining the inital explosion of standard ballistic shotgun together with the propulsion of a handheld railgun
Operation Bullpup
This pack adds a variety of modern bullpup rifles in at least two configuations each. More to come. AUS 88: One of the first bullpups ever adopted in large numbers, this Austrian rifle fires at a rate of fire of 750 RPM. Due to the integral
The SR-3M Rifle Pack
Introducing the (sorta) famous 9x39mm Russian Assault Rifle, the SR-3M! This weapon is balanced around vanilla weapons, so it's just the right ammount of bad to fit in with other weapons in base-game ravenfield. Features a supressed, PDW and primary
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hello, can you pleasssssssse add a red dot to your glock 18s next time? like a
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Thanks for upload this mod i like it! i was download all of [AirStrike MOD]
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