WWII British Pack
Just another mod of me clearing out some old assets I forgot to release. Includes 3 vehicles and 1 turret -Hawker Hurricane -Avro Lancaster -Churchill Mk. IV -Anti-air
NuclearStrike [BGM-109 Tomahawk]
With Laser Targeter you can point target, and after little time a nuclear missile arrives Weapon place: Gears>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[BGM-109 Tomahawk] Gears>Equipment>[BGM-109 Tomahawk] Secondery>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[BGM-109 Tomahawk]
R6S SR-25(AR-15) Blackbeard weapon
R6S SR-25(AR-15) Blackbeard weapon for Ravenfield.
YA YEET m82a3 this baby is a semi auto that does 237 damage, it wont one shot in the appendages, but it will take out helis jeeps in quite a few shots ext. it has 10 bullets in a mag and 20 in storage or whatever.
Qujmey Rifle || Large Game Rifle
The Qujmey rifle is a large game rifle that comes from a fantasy country with a large hunting population. This mod comes with -custom animations -dynamic reloads -custom sounds -custom model Animations were made by JoeThePirate. -150 damage per shot
EX-77, aka PSG44 Hybrid BAL DER Shotgun The EX-77 is the first ever weapon which was able to successfully accelerate steel pellets. By Combining the inital explosion of standard ballistic shotgun together with the propulsion of a handheld railgun
Rural Kaupcisto
Battle in the vast rural mountains of Kaupcisto! On this map, you'll be able to have both those long range battles and the close quarters battles with the eagles and ravens. This is only my second map, so expect there to be small issues
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resemble gun AN-94
How can i install this
I would love to see a well made mod of the Selbstlader m1916, which fose done
Apologies mate if this is any trouble. I've got no problems with them really.
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