Operation: Rush Hour
Expect nothing more than total carnage as the Ravens and the Eagles duke it out on a highway in the middle of heavy traffic. NPC cars traverse the map, and they roadkill anyone who stands in their way. Jeeps fly through the air after being hit by a
The main battle tank of the Japanese armed forces TYPE 90 for the game Ravenfield. Developed in 1976-1986 to replace the Type 61 and Type 74 tanks. Three colors are available for the TYPE 90 tank.
A map based on a small island in the Pacific Ocean that was once the site of a bloody battle during WWII.  I included two versions; one is modern, with the structures on the island old and rusted, and the teams launching an amphibious attack from
Modernised RK platform and pistol (Vanilla+ Extra)
An addition to my Vanilla+ weapon mod, which adds modern RK variations based on the AK-12, as well as a better looking pistol inspired by the USP So: a tactical RK that plays more like a patriot (lower damage higher accuracy), and an LMG and a DMR
[WW2 Collection] Raketenpanzerbüchse 54
German hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher - Raketenpanzerbüchse 54 for the game Ravenfield. Was equipped with a flap, in contrast to the basic version "Offeror". "Offeror" and "Panzerschreck" was a fairly powerful weapon, but it's pretty bulky to
Basically, the LS-Guardian is a semi automatic version of the SL-Defender.  Weapon Information Ammo: 16 (per mag, Its 80 in total) Bullet Velocity: 850 m/s Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Marksman Damage: 80-130 Damage Type: Small Arms Reload Time: 2.5
Covered Jeep
Its just the jeep with a cover on top and some head and taillights.  Also made a Police version of it. 
Gewehr M.95 Pack
The Gewehr M.95, also known as the Mannlicher M.1895, was a bolt action rifle used by the Austro-Hungarian Empire during WW1. With a straight pull bolt, this rifle boasts a blistering 66 RPM (pretty quick for a bolt action), as well as the ability
The Compatriot is a modified version of the patriot, that of which has a extended barrel for more range and velocity, and a scope to assist with accuracy. Stats: Ammo: 30 Bullet Velocity: 1200 m/s Weapon Type: Semi-Automatic, Marksman Damage: 100
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