F-35B Lightning II
F-35B Lightning II, The F-35B short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant is the world’s first supersonic STOVL stealth aircraft. (Although it can also take off vertically and her can't landing in Ravenfield) Features: Vertical Takeoff -It has
C8 package
The C8-SFW is a potent rifle with a high rate of fire. I modeled this after Buck's C8 from rainbow six, but removed the skeleton key and gave it a paint job. This package contains three variants of the gun, but if anyone suggests anything reasonable
DeRiss SP-16
The DeRiss 16 medium tank chassis was developed in Bressia in 515, and saw adaptation to a number of roles. The SP model was designed for use in urban areas and close quarters as an infantry support unit, with four machine guns to provide fire
This is the tactikool HK417 :koolcidman123emoji: In this weapon there are: - Custom Animations - 8 Randomised Animations (MAG FLIP ANIMATION BEING MADE) - Empty and of course tactikool animations for empty mags - Custom sounds (thanks to sui for
Long-Las Sniper [WH40K]
Favoured by Imperial Guard Sharpshooters, the Long-Las, originally known as the "Sniper Variant Lasgun," is a specially modified version of the standard Lasgun constructed for increased range and accuracy. In addition to the redoubtable Lasgun's
Armored Audi A8
I just rewatched Taken a few days ago, and decided to make this. Features Bulletproof armor (Still vulnerable to HMGs, and explosives) Resupply crate Almost useless offroad
I tried a pistol to see how this one turns out. I'm a modeler, not a modder, so I'm still trying to improve my modding. More mods to come soon! If you want to see all my upcoming models you follow me on Twitter (@Vextric).
MQ-9 Reaper | Predator B [UAV]
MQ-9 Reaper is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) 1 Pilot 2 Pilot Camera Mode Bombs 2x; Homing Missiles 4x; Features -Balanced; (Low health and slow speed) -Fully drone; -Changed particles; -Model of ravenfield style; -So particles at end of wings;
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what's the map your use?
Make an update for this one please! The newest version of this vehicle is
make a napoleonic war skin please.
GPD Noobitty
pls update dis mod to build 13 cuz it has new guns and new features
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