14-05-2018, 18:47

Mod "Easy Game and QStart" version 1.02 for BattleTech

This mod is made for those who wish to have a much easier game experience you Must start a new Game for this mod to work!.

What this mod does?:

Basic Version for Max Compatibility : Updated For 5/5/2018 Patch

Changed Games Base stats as following:
  • Skips tutorial Missions!.
  • Start With Stock mechs.
  • Start with 2500000 Cbills
  • All Maintenance costs -1/3
  • increased available missions per system to 7
  • Increased mission refresh rate per week to 4 (may increase load time slightly in Contracts screen on first visit)
  • increased mission payouts x 2
  • increased mission XP rewards for pilots to 900 (Up from 400)
  • Commander start XP now at 5600
  • Increased Mech Repair times (approx 60-75% if I did this right)
  • Increased med injury recovery times
  • decreased chances for Pilot death for incapacitated Pilots during missions
  • increased chances to receive Rare and Very rare Weapons and Mods in salvage rewards
  • increased Chances of receiving Mech parts in salvage
  • Increased available starting med techs
  • Increased Moral monthly bonus, and increased monthly moral negatives.
  • increased available Starting Mech techs
  • Makes NO other changes!.
Compatible with any mod that does not change simGameConstants.json or Milestones 103 and 106 files.

How to Install:

Copy Files into your BATTLETECH\BattleTech_Data\StreamingAssets Directory. Overwrite when asked.

How to Uninstall:

Simple Uninstall Verify Game files on steam. Non Steam Uninstall Overwrite Game files with the backed up version of your original game files, You should always make a backup before Installing any mod!

Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author OTB
  • Mod version 1.02
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 0.01 mb
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