Maximum Tonnage Increased
This Mod Increase The Maximum Tonnage of Mechs that mean you can bring TONS of FIRE POWER with yourself and some other stuff :D. This not affect AI mechs they pre build and not affected from this extra weight your basic weight shown as negative
CBT Balance Overhaul
Most of the stock game had made numerous changes which deviated from the Classic BattleTech TableTop values. This Balance Overhaul mod is an attempt to correct those deviations as well as address a number of other balance issues. Gameplay Revisions
Easy Game and QStart
This mod is made for those who wish to have a much easier game experience you Must start a new Game for this mod to work!. What this mod does?: Basic Version for Max Compatibility : Updated For 5/5/2018 Patch Changed Games Base stats as following:
Battletech Enhanced - More Gear More Options
What is best in life? More gear and thus more options, along with the lamentations of your enemies, of course. As such, here is one ever expanding mod containing all my gear related mods! Battletech Enhanced - More Gear More Options Star League
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It says that you made it can.
RTX 2070
all the mods on this site are stolen from other content creators don't download
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I would love also the waffen ss
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