Under the Shadow of Chernobyl - Soviet NBC Troops
With all of that legal mumbo-jumbo out of the way, here's a small expansion to my '80s era Soviet Soldiers. Contents: SA NBC Equipped with a PMG gas mask and L-1 NBC Suit. SA NBC Glow Eyes
CS:GO SCAR-20 for Ravenfield. Stats: Ammo: 20/120 Rate of fire: 0.2 Found in: "Marksman, CSGO" and "Counter-Terrorists"
Project Vietnam - Ia Drang
This map was supposed to be bigger, but I decided to change the typical Attack/Defend format to a more rudimentary "Survival" concept. To win this as the defenders (EAGLE): Hold LZ X-Ray until round ends. Occasional air support will come in. To win
Vietnam river
This map about experiencing failure to do what americans do best in vietnam. Also one version with and without music. And you can explore without bots if you like so you dont die if you get lost...
Planetary Diveristy - Planetary Habitats
This module added 8 new habitats, 4 planetary ones and 4 moon bases. All moons bases are size 4, while all planetary habitats are size 6. The technology for these is split into two levels that must be researched before building. They are built using
Extra Ship Components 3.0
"Extra Ship Components" aims to provide an extended and expanded technology tree, adding advanced weapons, shields and armor. Highlights include: - Psionic weapons. - Nanite weapons and armors. - Gravitic weapons. - Crystalline weapons. - Leviathan
[WW2 Collection] Mk2 grenade minipack
Originally designed in 1918 to replace the Mk1 1917 grenade,the Mk2 was formerly adopted in 1920.Millions were produced by WW2,and the most used variant was the HE (which in the 30's had lost the "High explosive" of it's name due to it becoming the
Black Rock Coliseum (CQB)
Welcome to Black Rock Coliseum! A bloodsoaked thunder dome perfect for CQB or old school style deathmatch play. I recommend trying it with the Order Knights/Ork boyz skins and the medieval weapon pack. Also great for pistol or melee only matches.
Mini carrier war
Not a big, but interesting map "Mini carrier war" for the game Ravenfield. It is suitable for both close combat and medium range shooting. It is recommended to install 20 bots.
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