Delta's Dogfight Doubles: Albatross D.Va VS Bristol F.2b
Two iconic aircraft of the First World War. The Albatross and the Bristol Fighter. Now brought to you in Ravenfield! I decided about 5 days ago it would be a good idea to get a mod up to commemorate 100 years of the Armistice of 1918 - and i managed
German standard issue battle rifle.
Armadyl Godsword
Armadyl Godsword The Armadyl godsword is one of the four variants of the Godsword that was fought over during the God Wars. This item contains: -Custom Model -Custom Animations -Custom Textures -Customs Sound Effects -Custom Particles Ingame-Item
The Type 95 was a Japanese scout car was used during the war with China and World War II in the East. Between 1936 and 1944 approximately 4,700 were built. Seat:2 (BF1942 Style!) Without weapon
Auto pistol Ammo:20/120 Damage:Low RPM:650 Weapon view Realistic reload
South Station Assault
South Station is an isolated Blue naval station in the middle of nowhere with a small air strip and dockyard for search and rescue missions. Once a getaway for the well connected, after the war heated up, the island was garrisoned with marines and
(Project Altirus) Medium Tanks of the Second Leersog War
Mathis Mk I Manufacturer: Chergaria; Inhaegan Foundry Weight: 27 tons Armament: 57mm PK-22, 2x Lewin guns (1 coaxial, 1 in bow turret) Max Armor: 40mm Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, Loader, Bow Machine-Gunner) While the early half of the
An internally suppressed version of a fan favorite
Wot Blitz: Winter Malinovka
Large map from the game World of tanks Blitz. Background It's october 1941, Operation Barbarossa is on its way. All the civilians from the village were evacuated deeper into the soviet motherland before the Germans reached the village., The
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