Combat Knife Pack
A Combat Knife is the ubiquitous back-up melee weapon for warriors all across the Imperium of Man, be they lowly hive city scum or the elite soldiers of a Planetary Governor. During the time of the Great Crusade, combat blades were a catch-all
Ryza Pattern Hellpistol Pack
Hot-Shot Laspistols are typically hand-crafted, rather than mass-produced in factories, and most are hundreds of years old and have acquired histories over the course of centuries of use in combat. Unless otherwise specified, a hellpistol remains
Ryza Pattern Lasgun Pack
Known as either a Hellgun or Hot-shot Lasgun, these high-energy weapons are more potent and destructive than common Lasguns, drawing on external energy sources for a more penetrative shot, but also more complex, requiring reinforced barrels,
Canada Rifles Commission
Mod "Canada Rifles Commission" will add a new self-loading sniper rifle to the game Ravenfield.
B1 Centauro
The Centauro is a family of Italian military vehicles originating from a wheeled tank destroyer for light to medium territorial defense and tactical reconnaissance. It was developed by a consortium of manufacturers, the Società Consortile Iveco Fiat
The MAS-49 is a French semi-automatic rifle that replaced various bolt action rifles as the French service rifle that was produced in 1949. It was designed and manufactured by the government-owned MAS arms factory. The French Army formal designation
Wolfenstein TNO 1946 Weapons
As title, these are the weapons used by the Third Reich in Wolfenstein: The New Order. In which those Nazis build enough Wunderwaffe to prolong the war to 1946 and the Allies lost the entirety of continental Europe and are on the verge of a
[WW2 Collection] T3 Carbine
The T3 Carbine was a variant of the M1 carbine designed to carry an scope. Originally developed using commercial scopes before the infrared devices were available, the T3 was essentially an M1 carbine with a different stock (with a planar frontal
CH-47 Chinook IRIAF
CH-47 Chinook is the main transport helicopter in Iranian Army, made by US and operated in several countries Epic features: Ammo Drop! Ch-47 pilot can drop ammo boxes from the ramp door to help ground forces rearm in a breath taking battlefield!
Soviet manual anti-tank grenade launcher of the post-war period. It was in service in most countries of people's democracy, was widely used during the Vietnam War, and is still found in local wars, despite its total obsolescence. From the later and
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