Death Corps of War 2.0
The Death Korps of Krieg is the name given to all of the Astra Militarum regiments that originate from the devastated, post-nuclear Death World of Krieg in the Segmentum Tempestus. Krieg was the site of a rebellion against the Imperium of Man over
AT4-Swedish disposable anti-tank rocket grenade. The grenade launcher is intended primarily for fighting armored targets, but can be used as an anti-personnel weapon. The AT4 is a development of the 74 m Pskov m / 68 (Minimen) adopted by the Swedish
Low Poly Snow Basin
Coming back from my map making hiatus to bring you something I've been working on for quite a while! This is my 2nd entry into my series of aesthetically pleasing Low Poly maps. Best bring out your long range weapon of choice, and get ready to pick
(3S-JW) Shoreline: Re-Imagined
Shoreline is a kind of medium sized, Japan themed suburban map where it pits Japan at the mainland, while China has control of an aircraft carrier, with 3 control points in the middle.
1805 Harper's Ferry
First and foremost, happy Fourth of July to you all, while a bit late, I'm happy to release to you this iconic American firelock. Secondly, this model has been around just as long as the P53, so I went ahead and brought it up to date with some
Loadout Changer
This mutator allows you to change your Loadout while being alive! There are two versions included: You can change your Loadout while being in a certain distance of a Resupply Crate You can change your Loadout by pressing CTRL and your Loadout Button
Doom 2016 Super Shotgun
This is a super shotgun based on the model developed by id for doom 2016. It's reload animation is much longer than the animation used in Doom as I thought that it would be more appropriate to the style of Ravenfield and that it would also act to
American large-caliber sniper rifle developed by McMillan Bros. For shooting from the TAC-50, 12.7×99 mm rifle cartridges are used. Technically, it is a 5-charge rifle with a longitudinally sliding rotary bolt.
T-72B3 (WIP)
The t-72B3 is a Russian main battle tank of the T-72 family. The t-72B3 modification was developed as an economical alternative to the main t-90A tank until the Russian Armed forces received the new generation of t-14 tanks. Now the model of this
Skin Pack
In this pack I made four simple skins in order to test an improved application of camouflages on clothes and also to remember the great Ravenfield game.
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