WWII German Pack
Pack consisting of four units of German military equipment WWII world war II German Pack for the game Ravenfield. The kit includes: Tank-Panzer IV (sound, model and track improvements); Jeep, ATV - Volkswagen Kübelwagen; APC, MG Jeep - Opel Blitz
Mod adds to the game Ravenfield German light armored sdkfz.222 1930's. Developed by Eisenwerken Weserhütte in the middle of 1930-ies on the role of intelligence, or staff vehicle. Serial production began in 1937 and lasted until February 1944, just
German medium bomber He-111 will add this mod to the game Ravenfield. One of the main Luftwaffe bombers (there were also modifications of torpedo and attack aircraft). In total, more than 7,600 He 111 different modifications were built, which makes
Harley-Davidson WLA
Motorcycle Harley-Davidson WLA for the game Ravenfield. This technique was produced for the US army during the Second world war.
Bofors 40mm AA Cannon
The modification adds to the game Ravenfield 40-mm anti-aircraft automatic gun Bofors. It was developed in 1929-1932 by AB Bofors. The most common and used means of air defense of the Second world war.
Vietnam Pack - NVA [Project Vietnam]
Comrade, grab your gun, the Americans have invaded! They may have airpower and numbers, but we know the land, and have this arsenal to fend off those capitalist pigs! Type 65: This is your standard assault rifle, courtesy of out Chinese allies. It
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Vietnam Pack - NATO [Project Vietnam]
If you're one of the unfortunate sons drafted to Vietnam, take comfort knowing you have this arsenal to back you up. 'Nam Patriot: This space age assault rifle is highly accurate and controllable, making it effective into mid-range combat. Equipped
Urban Warfare Leopard 2A7+
Rerelease of my old Leopard 2A7! Which now has been improved with countless bugfixes, more detailed appearance, visual improvements towards particles, new vehicle features of the most recent branches and a change in lots of statistics. Worth a
The MK-V002 (project: Cyberraven)
Ok, so i'm gonna work on a cyberpunk project, and make some cyberpunk stuff. if you MAYBE have a cool idea, post it in the comments. ofcourse i will make more MK-V's and fix bugs that this mod maybe contains. this mod is partially based on concept
5.56x45 NATO Bolt Sniper Rifle (Custom Sounds/Model!) -GuardWithAShield
Amazing Zoom, Good magazine size, Recoil, Accuracy. This is a very balanced, yet deadly weapon! Especially with it's bullet drop. (One of my first few 100% custom made models,as I'm getting better at making models, ((still a lot I could've done
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