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14-05-2018, 18:50

Mod "CBT Balance Overhaul" version 1.36 for BattleTech

Most of the stock game had made numerous changes which deviated from the Classic BattleTech TableTop values. This Balance Overhaul mod is an attempt to correct those deviations as well as address a number of other balance issues.

Gameplay Revisions
  • All stock weapons have been rebalanced for damage, heat, price and range values via Classic BattleTech values. See *footnote for more info.
  • Rares (+,++,+++) rarity scaled by number of pluses (+) and the buffs are scaled from the stock weapons whereas only +++ can match or even surpass some SLDF/LosTech (AC as an example where the +20 Dmg & +20Stab boon was originally across every calibre is scaled so that the AC20 receives the +20Stab/+20Dmg while AC10 is 10/10, AC5 is 5/5 and AC2 is +2 Stab/+2 Dmg.)
  • Pilot View/Radar ranges increased by value of 50 to accommodate for medium range engagements
  • Stability damage on weapons has been scaled to afflict 40% of the weapons actual damage output
  • Missiles accuracy was reduced to accommodate for the extra to hit roll in TableTop (accuracy penalty increased by a value of 1 via direct fire and by 2 for indirect fire)
  • Pilots Tactical perk for indirect fire support was updated so that the max level retains the ability to nullify the indirect fire penalty
  • All ammo bins have been tweaked to hold the correct # of rounds. (Some held less than what they were suppose to be providing)
  • Mech movement updated to use the correct heat values (Mechs were previously jumping around .6 the heat penalty and didn't generate any heat when walking. Now mechs will generate full Jump Jet heat, while walking generates half value of a sprint)
  • Mech movement speeds updated to use Walking Points Value*30 (About half of the mechs already used the correct value in stock but some weirdly didn't.)
  • Flamers are uniquely changed in that TT rules a player is to declares if they are doing heat OR damage values. Since that isn't an option in the game falmers will apply both heat damage to the player & target mech plus damage to the target. Ammo has been bumped to 100 (I crash the game when trying to make it unlimited like it is supposed to be).
  • Store scrap values have been changed to closely match stock store mech prices. (Previously you could acquire a Mech 70% off by buying up scarp. Now mech scrap purchase prices fall in line with the games default store value minus 1 scrap cost to account for Yang having to assemble it when you already pay his wages) [Note I future proofed this to match the devs planned increased from 3 to 5 scrap pieces so that scrap mech cost are still currently under valued until said dev update is released.]
*For those of you who want to check value changes and don't own the tech readouts you can also look up stuff on Sarna. The game scale set by the devs over TableTop values are as follows, Damage 5:1, Heat 3:1, Speed 30:1, Range 30m = 1Hex. So as an example; Medium Laser that would do 5 dmg giving 3 heat in TT translates to 25 dmg giving 9 heat into game with this mod.

Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author Aldodrem
  • Mod version 1.36
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 0.34 mb
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