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29-04-2019, 16:58

Mod "Silverbuu's Imperator Cheat Mod" version 29.04.19 for Imperator: Rome (v1.0.x)

From the makers of the Europa Universalis Chaotic Compressing Container, and The Crusader Kings II Enlightenment Package, we bring you the Imperator: Rome Radical Reduction Retainer.

We've traveled through time forwards and backwards and then forwards again to bring you this simple box. It may look like a soggy cardboard box with the letters 'IRRRR' hurriedly scribbled on the side with charcoal, or the solidified remains of dinosauric fecalis (That's Latin for rose petals we promise), but I assure we did not have a brain lapse and hold down the R button on our keyboards. Why? Because we obviously don't have keyboards, silly!

Inside this ever burgeoning moist container is the beginnings of something new but also old, but still very much new depending on what time you're living in. You may wonder what exactly you paid for with the bandwidth expended to render this page, well let me tell you:

Nothing. That's right, you get nothing. You lose! Good day sir!

But if you're tired of losing, then use this box in the ways in which the box says you are able, and you will in fact stop losing and start winning.

Remember, the box is ever expanding, and sometimes new features will render themselves upon you like stank clouds of gas passed between the cheeks of time. Don't use your nose, just know that we appreciate your patronage. Even though it means we get nothing. We also lose.

This mod includes several overpowered buffs for you and other characters which you add them to. As well as buffs for your nation, and several handy buttons like adding mana points, and using your army to add slaves to provinces which they sit on.

I do plan on adding more features as I continue exploring the game, and if you have any suggestions they are more than welcome.


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author Silverbuu
  • Mod version 29.04.19
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 0.1 mb
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29 April 2019 18:02
Thank you very much for this
30 April 2019 21:05
doesnt work look 1 and here 2 how to fix? no mods u see work for me None.
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WOW, gun sniper Remington MSR come back rate 9-10
roblox! great map, maybe a bit optimazation?
Alright. everyone here is a f*cking ar*e.
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