Overhaul Project Mod
The Overhaul Project is a mod that aims at improving the historical accuracy of Imperator Rome by adding new cultures, religions, nations and more. Features New Countries: We've added new Slavic nations such as Venedia or Sclavenia that can be seen
Free governor policy
No oratory and tyranny cost for changing the governor policies. Without this mod the best strategy is to put a 16 year old teeneger in every governor position so you dont need to override every province just hopefully every 50 year. My tyranny
Governor Enslavement Policy
Adds a new Governor policy for enslaving your freeman population. Base Social Mobility Policy equalize three strats, but that policy directly downgrade freeman pops. Chance depends from Governor Finess and Charisma stats. Compability: Ironman
Easy Dictatorship + Empire
Salut, c'est mon premier mod. Compatible Sulla & Ironman. Testé uniquement avec la langue française. Dictature : réduction du nombre de soutient du party populiste de 80 à 50. Empire : réduction du nombre de cités nécessaire de 600 à 100. Hello,
Buy and Sell Slaves
This mod allows you to buy and sell slaves via the decisions menu. Currently slaves can be bought/sold in groups of 2, 5, and 10 from your capital city. This is my first mod in Imperator and I used it as a way to practice for future projects. That
Historical Units
Focus of this mod is to overhaul existing unit types, add new units and redo military traditions to better reflect ancient warfare. At the moment there are 3 new units: -Medium Infantry - a unit between light and heavy infantry -Slingers - ranged
Silverbuu's Imperator Cheat Mod
From the makers of the Europa Universalis Chaotic Compressing Container, and The Crusader Kings II Enlightenment Package, we bring you the Imperator: Rome Radical Reduction Retainer. We've traveled through time forwards and backwards and then
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris Features - More than 100 new historical countries across the map - Modified map to represent the ancient coastline - Two new regions - Added a new nation formation decision - Annual consul elections - Senate
Change Religion
Do you hate that you can’t change religions. Do you ever want to play as Jewish Rome or Hindu Carthage? Well now you can. With this mod you can freely change to any religions you like. Just go to the decision menu and press the Change Religon
Adds nine additional buildings to choose from and adjusts the modifiers granted by buildings. Town Hall - Local Tax +10% Marketplace - Commerce Income +10% Training Camp - Local Manpower +10% Fortress - Fort Level +1 Granary - Local Population
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