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29-04-2019, 12:26

Mod "EasyCheats" version 28.04.19 for Imperator: Rome (v1.0.x)

Adds a decision for a cheat menu with various toggleable options. The AI will not use these.

Culture conversion can be sometimes buggy so make sure you save before doing it. (Will try to work around this soon)

I am aware of a current issue with tons of mercenaries spawning. In the next update I will separate this from military so you can prevent it happening.

Let me know if you have suggestions.


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author H3llb0und
  • Mod version 28.04.19
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 0.3 mb
Latest comments
26 April 2019 12:30
Hello how do I install mods I tried the way like is on imperator wiki but it does not work
26 April 2019 13:00

Rene Matuscak, copy files from archive to folder Documents\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod and enable mod in launcher
26 April 2019 13:14
doesnt work man I tried dozens of mods none of them loads... here is the link of me trying it check picture showing that it doesnt work this 'Adaw' its not this i clicked on create mod and it was left there its not your mod.

also check this picture i put few mods in the /mod doesnt work none of them works
26 April 2019 13:16
Rene Matuscak, Everything works -
26 April 2019 13:18
I see but i gave you links for my screenshot and you can see it doesnt work none of the mods work... can you give me tutorial what to rename to what so i can try please?>
26 April 2019 13:19

Rene Matuscak, show the contents of the file with the extension .mod
26 April 2019 13:22
here man link
26 April 2019 13:23
Did you download from our site?
We specially edit the files so that users can simply install the mods.

Screen -
26 April 2019 13:24
no as you can see on picture i sent you its the same as yours.
26 April 2019 13:25
OK. What is the username PC. Are there any Cyrillic characters in it?
26 April 2019 13:29
C:\Users\renel\OneDrive\Dokumenty\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod

Game I have installed on the disk D:\Games\ImperatorRome
26 April 2019 13:37

Quote: Rene Matuscak
C:\Users\renel\OneDrive\Dokumenty\Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod

OneDrive there is too much. Try creating a folder Dokumenty in folder C:\Users\renel , and then add folders Paradox Interactive\Imperator\mod

what path do you have in the window -
26 April 2019 14:06
Iam going to fresh reinstall the game and try again let u know what u need to know 

where do i install it? check

i removed OneDrive

now i have installed it gonna run it and then try again adding the mods in the mod/
26 April 2019 14:06

Рене Матускак , the game can be installed anywhere
26 April 2019 14:20
do i need to activate mods in the paradox launcher here? because if yes I dont know what to choose what to write where I tried 3 times as you can see on picture and even when i activate it its not in game 

in game picture look its not in game
26 April 2019 14:32
not. In that panel, I wanted to see the path. It feels good. In general, there are no options why the mod does not work for you.

although you seem to have installed the mod. It must be activated -
26 April 2019 14:35
I did not install the mod I just clicked on mod tools create a mod a write name easycheats and put tag silly 
26 April 2019 14:40

Where do you get folders if you create a mod through this tool?

26 April 2019 15:02
thats actually a good question I dont know where man 

i cant find it anywhere

look here 1 and here 2 its always empty
26 April 2019 15:13
Search using Windows search where files are saved.
26 April 2019 15:22
it seems like when i create a mod its nowhere saved might the problem be that I have downloaded the game instead of purchasing?
29 April 2019 03:11
Hello, this mod is update on steam, you pute new uptdate for this website plz ? impossible for me dowwload in steam, is broken.
29 April 2019 12:16
can you update pls?
29 April 2019 12:27
User, mod updates
29 April 2019 12:30
Your the best bro! thx!
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