Adds nine additional buildings to choose from and adjusts the modifiers granted by buildings. Town Hall - Local Tax +10% Marketplace - Commerce Income +10% Training Camp - Local Manpower +10% Fortress - Fort Level +1 Granary - Local Population
NERO - Dark UI
## The only achievement compatible Dark UI Mod ## NERO - Dark UI is a dark themed user interface overhaul that remains true to the game's original style. Ironman & achievement compatible beacuse it does not change the game's checksum. It is the
NERO - GFX Tweaks
NERO - GFX Tweak makes various aesthetic adjustments to Imperator: Rome. Features Warm color temperature, also slightly darker than vanilla. Slightly less transparent map modes Slim aesthetic map font (You may know it from my EU4/CK2 mod Theatrum
Total War: ROME II Loading Screens
New loading screen artwork to replace the 7 vanilla ones with 19 new ones. The new artwork was created by the very talented artist Mariusz Kozik, which he made for another game covering the same time period called "Total War: ROME II". 100% Ironman
Total War Flags
Adding 331 flags from the Total War series to a lot of tags all over the world! Included games are flags from Total War Rome 1 and 2, and Total War: Atilla. This mod currently is NOT ironman compatible, but i hope this changes in the future.
Black Marble UI
Black Marble - A Darker UI I created a very pleasant dark marble mod. it contains only the lowering of the brightness. there are still a few small bugs, but these will be fixed over time.
Roman Terms Mod
A small mod I created whilst playing around with the game files which makes consular election annual as they were historically. This mod also changes the election laws to fit the new election times. The Senatus consultum ultimum law adds 9 years
Fresh Diplomacy
This mod resets all diplomatic relations in the game. That means you won't see any alliances or subject states at game start. Everyone will have to build up diplomacy from the ground up. Not compatible with achievements.
Slavic Venedia
I've made a small mod which adds Venedia, a Slavic tribe at the edge of the known world. I'm quite open to suggestions as to flag, name lists, &c.
WhiteSide's better flags
Changes flags of Rome, Etruria, Carthage, Epirus, Syracuse, Macedon, Thracia, Phrygia, Egypt, Parthia, Bactria and Maurya. More might be coming
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