A ledger for the diplomacy window. The button's on the top. NOT achievement-compatible. This is still work in progress. I haven't managed to add custom sorting buttons, but I'll try. Also, the ledger is tied to the diplo-stance window for now. I'll
Historical Units
Focus of this mod is to overhaul existing unit types, add new units and redo military traditions to better reflect ancient warfare. At the moment there are 3 new units: -Medium Infantry - a unit between light and heavy infantry -Slingers - ranged
Silverbuu's Imperator Cheat Mod
From the makers of the Europa Universalis Chaotic Compressing Container, and The Crusader Kings II Enlightenment Package, we bring you the Imperator: Rome Radical Reduction Retainer. We've traveled through time forwards and backwards and then
Colourful Nations
Want to have a white Rome? A blue Maurya? Or are you more partial to a Carthage reddened by the blood of its enemies? By using a decision available at all times, you can access an event that lets you pick a colour for your nation out of fourteen
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris
Emendatio Historiae Imperatoris Features - More than 100 new historical countries across the map - Modified map to represent the ancient coastline - Two new regions - Added a new nation formation decision - Annual consul elections - Senate
Adds a decision for a cheat menu with various toggleable options. The AI will not use these. Culture conversion can be sometimes buggy so make sure you save before doing it. (Will try to work around this soon) I am aware of a current issue with tons
Change Religion
Do you hate that you can’t change religions. Do you ever want to play as Jewish Rome or Hindu Carthage? Well now you can. With this mod you can freely change to any religions you like. Just go to the decision menu and press the Change Religon
Formable Kingdom of Prussia
Adds Prussia as a formable tag, with a unique government form. Prussia can be formed by any Germanic culture nation that owns the entire province of Ruggia. Forming Prussia grants +50% discipline for the entire game. The Prussian Monarchy government
Lemur's Rebalance Mod
Goal of this mod is to change some parts of the to what I (and evetually community) think makes more sense or will make the game more enjoyable. Right now it changes the following: Advances: +0.1 population growth to Civic and Religious Advances
NERO - Mosaic Menu Buttons
NERO - Mosaic Menu Buttons is an Add-On for NERO - Dark UI. It replaces the menu buttons in the topbar with mosaic themed buttons. Make sure to put this Add-On above "NERO - Dark UI" in your load order. Ironman & achievement compatible. Doesn't
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