SA80 A2
SA80 / L85A2, the standard issue service rifle of the British Armed Forces, with an ACOG attachment. So I'm planning on releasing one new weapon every week. I probably won't be making huge packs until I get some vacation to sit down and focus on
[Project WW3] M4A1 (1st version)
Model by Kerbal,animations by me. The name has 1st version because Erazer is making a better model that will be uploaded as a separated mod when it's done
The Arsonist's Starter Kit - Flamethrower and Molotov Cocktail
Ever been faced with the age-old dilemma of needing to set someone on fire, but they're all the way over there? Well, here's the solution: Get psychiatric help. Or, pick up the Arsonist's Starter Kit! Includes the ever-dependable flamethrower, and
Disputed Seas
A Raven naval base on a rocky island cluster in the Southern Azure Ocean has come under air and sea attack from an Eagle carrier and it's escorts intruding into the hotly contested territory claimed by both groups. The Raven defenders were caught
The Accuracy International AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum or AI-Arctic Warfare Magnum) is a bolt-action sniper rifle manufactured by Accuracy International designed for magnum rifle cartridges. The Accuracy International AWM is also unofficially known
Jagdpanzer 38 (t) "Hetzer"
The Jagdpanzer 38 (Sd.Kfz. 138/2), was a German light tank destroyer of the Second World War based on a modified Czechoslovakian Panzer 38(t) chassis.The Jagdpanzer 38 fit into the lighter category of German tank destroyers that began with the
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I would love also the waffen ss
Seven Metal Games
Continue construindo os mapas do warface, às armas com as animações originais
why the heck when i open the energy shield i keep damage by the energy shield
Dude, just go on steam. All the mods are there.
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