I was meant to upload an MP443 "Grach" instead, but everything broke there so I made this to cheer myself up.
[BF1] Beretta M1918 Remake
Beretta M1918 is a submachine gun produced by Beretta, a famous Italian gun manufacturer, developed by Italian gun designer Talio Marengoni during the First World War. Weight :3.26 kg Length :1092.2 mm Barrel length :304.8 mm Caliber :9 mm Launch
[Halo Project Reboot] MA5B Assault Rifle
Comes with custom sounds, custom animations, a working crosshair and a functioning ammo counter. Also includes custom skins from Halo: The Master Chief Collection! The weapon itself is identical in appearance to the Xbox weapon, with recreated
Vanilla + - PREDATOR Team Weapons
Currently Includes: Reytac Silencer 45 (SMG) Spectre Wraith MSR (Sniper) Hunter ICW SupMod (Shotgun) Poltergeist Silencer (AMR) Klauk 18 Sup (PDW)
M240EX - Project ExtAs (COMMISSION)
What is the main difference of Project ExtAs to any other workshop weapon? To start, Project ExtAs is the combined efforts of a team of well known workshop creators. Aiming to be different from other weapon mods to both be unique and not out shadow
Mortar Strike
Mortar Strike for Ravenfield. How to use? This is in your equipment bar Then take it out, place it where you want to summon your teammates, and press the fire button Features: It will automatically search for enemy forces and fire at them. Mortar
Puckle Gun
This here is my first turret, achieved with the help of Pishi, I thank you so very much. For the rest of you, I hope you like this and let me know what you think - hopefully some of the bugs in this turret I can find a resolution for in future
Tromix Siamese M4
The Tromix rifle has the appearance of two joined M16 rifles, one upside-down above the other, joined together by their upper receiver. Their buffer tubes connect by a pad at the rear, forming the stock. Two 5.56 STANAG magazines are loaded into the
VSV-338  it's new russian sniper rifle that using 338 Lapua Magnum.
Proteus Pattern Missile Launcher Pack
The Proteus Pattern is one of the most ancient patterns that have been continuously utilised since the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy eras. Chapters like the Carcharodons and the fearsome Minotaurs still make use of this pattern of Missile Launcher.
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