MIG-25 Foxbat
The Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25 (Russian: Микоян и Гуревич МиГ-25; NATO reporting name: Foxbat) is a supersonic interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft that was among the fastest military aircraft to enter service. It was designed by the Soviet Union's
BK-16 Armed speedboat
BK16 Russia’s new type of armed speedboat, which is likely to be cb90 textiles, is currently in service with the Russian Defense Forces arms: 40MM chain gun machine gun pkm x 4 HP 3500
The high-speed amphibious assault boat of the open type BK-10 was built by order of the Russian Navy at the subsidiary of the Kalashnikov Concern of the Rostec State Corporation – Rybinsk Shipyard and is intended for service as part of special
Pindad APS-3 "ANOA" 6×6
The Anoa is a 6x6 armoured personnel carrier developed by PT Pindad of Indonesia. The vehicle is named after the Anoa, which is a type of buffalo indigenous to Indonesia. The prototype was first unveiled at the 61st anniversary of TNI on October 5,
Vanilla+ - Transport Truck (Standalone, reassignable, camo)
Eagle and Raven Transport Truck. Camo included and can be assigned to any land vehicle slot. Eagle - UMC Maniple 5-Ton A modified version of the UMC 5-ton truck, adapted for military operations, would almost completely take over the role of
[Halcon-Crisis] Main Battle Tanks
MBTs for the Halcon conflict. TMX-56 Faucille A veteran of many nations and a keeper of the peace, the Faucille is not merely the mainline tank of the Falcon armored brigades, but the IPC as well. Whilst modernized plenty since the first variants
Bushmaster MK38. Mod 3 [Spec-Ops Project]
The M242 Bushmaster chain gun is a 25 mm (25×137mm) single-barrel chain-driven autocannon. It is used extensively by the U.S. military, such as in the Bradley fighting vehicle, as well as by other NATO members and some other nations in ground combat
SD.KFZ. 222
The Sd.Kfz. 222 (Leichter Panzerspähwagen 2 cm) is a german light armoured reconnaissance vehicle which was developed in the mid-30s and was used by the Wehrmacht in all theaters of WW2. Max speed: 60 km/h HP: 1500 Due to thin armor, vehicle is
Sukhoi Su-27SK
Compared with other aircraft mods, this mod has no new features, just want to fill the vacancy of Russian fighters in the workshop. So I try not to add any stuff might cause lag. More camo in the future: Welcome to suggest camo. HP: 2000 1 Seat for
Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker
The Fokker Dr.I (Dreidecker, "triplane" in German), often known simply as the Fokker Triplane, was a World War I fighter aircraft built by Fokker-Flugzeugwerke. The Dr.I saw widespread service in the spring of 1918. It became famous as the aircraft
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