A self-loading pistol developed in the early 1950s for the Czechoslovak army. The Cz52 pistol was developed by designer Jan Kratohvil together with his brother Jaroslaw, employees of the Česka zbrojovka Strakonice factory.
Type 97 Chi-Ha (47mm)
Developed by the Japanese company Mitsubishi in 1935-1937. It was produced in series from 1938 to 1942, and in 1941-1942 simultaneously with the upgraded version of the Shinhoto Chi-Ha. A total of 1,220 vehicles of both types were produced. Chi-Ha
Tavor Tar-21
A model of a modern Israeli 5.56×45 mm machine gun manufactured by Israel Weapon Industries. The name of the machine gun comes from mount Tabor, in Northern Israel, mentioned in the old Testament, and the index 21 indicates the weapon's focus in the
Springfield Trapdoor - Ravenfield 1898
Adopted in 1873 as the first breech loading rifle of the American army,the Trapdoor Sprinfield was the solution to the Army's need for a modern rifle. It had begun being replaced by the American Krag rifle in 1892,but the process was slow and during
Orks: ModPack 2.0
Orks are thus genetically engineered to be muscular, aggressive, and none too bright; their technology is maintained by a caste of Oddboyz who possess genetically-implanted dispositions and technical knowledge that grant them unusual skill with
Boeing B-29 "Superfortress
The B-29 was one of the largest aircraft used during World War II. It was exclusively used in the Pacific Theatre during the war and participated in bombing raids on multiple islands in the Pacific war. The B-29 became the world's first and only
ZS: Red River
New zombie map called "Red river" for the game Ravenfield. This map uses a custom flag mutator, and uses the music of Dead Space OST-attack of necromorphs. Recommended number of bots: 80-120.
Left 4 Dead 2 Pistols Pack
All of the pistols from L4D2 with similar animations and same sounds! This Pack Contains: -P220 - Default Pistol -Glock 17 - Extra addition, since i thought it would be needed -P220 and Glock 17 Akimbo -Desert Eagle - Magnum
Small office map made up of low-poly objects. Most of the assets were made by myself. Very tight, close-quarters combat. Let me know if you have suggestions for changes. I recommend 25-50 bots on Point match or domination with at least 5 second
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