Christmas Morning
Two (literally) small factions battle for control over the precious resources and supplies beneath the tree on Christmas morning. Recommended bots: 20 - 40
Highway Lowway
A long bridge over a shallow river! Trounce the enemy once and for all with a long-range, head-on assault over a very narrow battlefield Recommended 50 bots, 10-second respawn timer. Made with the ingame map editor by Starstrafe.
Metro Mischief CQB
A close-quarters arena set in a subway station! Dance around the enemy on the lavish marble train platforms, or in the train cars themselves! Recommended 24-30 bots, 10-second respawn timer. Avoid skirmish mode.
Plastic Army Men (Skins, Weapons, Vehicles)
Green and tan plastic army men, featuring skins, weapons, and vehicles for each. Config included. Skins: Green Army Man Tan Army Man Weapons: Rifle (Primary) Rifle, Bayonet (Primary) Pistol (Secondary) SMG (Primary, Secondary) Machine Gun (Primary)
AH-56 Cheyenne
The Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne is an attack helicopter developed by Lockheed for the United States Army. This helicopter is from the Army's Advanced Aerial Fire Support System (AAFSS) program for attack helicopters. Lockheed designed the Cheyenne to
NMRiH Sako 85
"When there is no more room in hell, the dead. Will walk the earth" ***No More Room in Hell's Sako 85 for Ravenfield*** Variants: Sako 85 Scoped Sako 85 Iron Sights Sako 85 Peep Sights ( Mane. What the F*ck )
Necron 2.0
A new Necron warrior character model.
[COD] Nuketown
Nuketown From Call of Duty: Black Ops, remade again* for Ravenfield! Recommended bot count: 20+ (or 300 for you mad lads). Nuketown has been remade before, but the other versions are not visually faithful to the original map. This remake tries to be
Sharps 1874 (Buffalo Rifle)
The Sharps Rifle is a single-shot, high-calibre target and hunting rifle. While today it is idolised by its copious use in the western genre, Sharps rifles have always been noted to be extremely accurate thanks to it's unique 'dual-set' triggers.
Pointe Du Hoc
A sector on top of the cliffs of the Normandy coast in Northern France. It is located 6.4 km West of the Omaha beach sector, and is a steep Bank with a height of 30 m. The sector was the target of an attack by a us army Ranger assault group during
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