War of 1812 Skins
Whether you're loyal to the crown or a staunch patriot, this pack has you covered. Americans, Canadians, Englishmen, and Scotsmen alike! Not as large as my other packs, but still packs plenty of unique units to play out various scenarios of the
Le Epic Troll
Mod "Le Epic Troll" adds to the game Ravenfield funny skins that are constantly smiling.
A small pack contain with customs made skins for both eagle and raven side. This project is still a WIP and more will come in the future if you find any bugs, anything you would like to change, leave them in the comment and I will consider about it.
Bandit Skin - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Inspired
A quick little skin, based off of the rookie Bandits in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series. Now comes with a bonus stalker skin. Contents: Rookie Bandit A common species of pest within the Zone; subsists on a diet of vodka, bread, and diet sausage. Rookie
Royal Guard Skin
A very lonely one skin. Royal Guard As the name says, the most generic of generic of the Royal Guard, with a very very dark blue (basically black) facing color, 8 buttons in single spacing, grenade symbols, the bright red jacket, and of course, the
Late Meiji Era IJA
The[FE] Late Meiji Era ERA mod adds skins of military uniforms from the first Sino-Japanese war to the Russian-Japanese war to the Ravenfield game.
Krev's Halo CE Combat Chatter
The "Krev's Halo CE Combat Chatter" mod adds three main image skins to the game: your typical armored infantryman.; a green cyborg that you can recognize as a leader; a green cyborg that will growl.
Revamped Austrian Napoleonic Skins
The Austrian Empire, the second huge German power that stood against Napoleon's campaigns, has finally been revamped and here for your pleasures and gratitudes. Ten skins are featured in this pack. Austrian G. Fusilier - Early An Austrian soldier in
Korean Skins Mini Pack
A mini skin pack I'm putting out that should've gone out quite a while ago, but me being lazy has surmounted it into appearing late. Anyways, here it is, a requested skin pack for various Korean units, from levies to riflemen. My knowledge on Korea
Three Long Open Coats - Misc pack
How to be cooler in two easy steps: 1. Wear a hat, 2. Wear a long coat, even on hot days. This skin pack is more or less me testing out a few character models with open long coats. Contents: CyberCriminal Sorta a genericy criminally dude for a
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