Skitarii Vanguard Pack (Multi-Skin)
Equipped with pack generators that bleed potent radioactive by-products, these Omnissian martyrs are so saturated with radiation that even to approach them is to succumb to their peculiar curse. Their baroque carbines fill the air around their foe
Modern British Army Pack
Mod "Modern British Army Pack" will add skins of the modern British army to the game.
Austrian polizei
The mod "Austrian polizei" will add the skin of the Austrian police uniform to the game Ravenfield.
Penal-Legion (Multi-Skin)
A Penal Legion, one of the Legions Penetante, as they are known in Imperial High Gothic, are drawn from Astra Militarum and Planetary Defence Force troops who have committed capital crimes, and had their sentences commuted to life service. In a
CTRU green
The "CTRL green" mod adds a modern green police uniform skin to the Ravenfield game.
[BP8X] Soviet Motostrelki, Early 1980s
A possible start to a Cold War project, dubbed Boiling Point 198X. A pack of Soviet Motor riflemen skins that would fit a Cold War gone hot scenario during the early '80s, such as one triggered by the Able Archer 83 exercise. Contents: -SA 80s
Among Us Skin
We made a skin of a crew member from the game Among Us. There are all the colors that are in the game. Namely: Red, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Purple, Black, White, Lime, Green, Brown, Orange and Yellow.
PLA Skin Pack
Mod "PDA Skin Pack" adds a set of skins from PLA to the game Ravenfield. Includes Desert, Woodland, and Snow.
[WW2 Collection] Early Polish Skin
Y'know, after completing that early war German soldier, I figured it only necessary to create a Polish soldier to go along with him; and so here we are! He garners the very fancy collar insignia Poland was known for; why did you disband it! It was
Experimental Furry Head Model
This is just my furry head model on the Victorian Mexican (1832 uniform). It's a teaser for my upcoming mod that will add in properly dedicated furries, scalies, ponies, and protogens so you don't have to keep using mods that aren't exclusively
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