Makhnovite Partisan Skin
This was a request by a feller, and from what I can make them out to be, are some sort of Ukrainian anarcho-Communist military unit from the Russian Civil War or something like that. Look, all I know is he flashed me a couple photos of their
Cosmic Fire Skins
All skins ingame are listed as "CF (insert type name here) - Light Infantry - Heavy Infantry - Sniper - Adaptive Camouflage (may lag slightly, uses a custom shader and is not compatible with mac) - Chemical - Pilot
Skitarii Rangers 2.0
To fight the foot soldiers of the Cult Mechanicus is to kill or be killed, for the Skitarii Rangers never give up when hunting down their foes, and their stamina is legendary. In the lean and hungry days of Mankind's hominid ancestry, a hunter would
A set of BDU wearing dudes made as base models for future content, but since they're good enough on their own here is a standalone release. Contents: BDU Dude OD. Solid colored olive drab uniform, doesn't get any simpler than this. BDU Dude
Prussian Blue
Mod "Prussian Blue" will add the skin of a Prussian Infantry soldier to the game Ravenfield.
SPEC-OPS+ Task Force
The most reliable of them all, the card in the sleeves, Task Forces are heavily armed soldiers, trained to be durable, lurk deep into enemies line, specialized for getting intel and neutralizing enemies.
CTRU white
The "CTRU white" mod for the Ravenfield game will add the uniform of the Hong Kong special Forces.
BF2142 - EU & PAC Skins
BF2142 - EU & PAC Soldier Skins + Multiskin Mutators After Unity won't let me exporting any maps, so I decided to making soldier skins from Battlefield 2142 and release it for the Ravenfield workshop. FEATURES Both factions - EU and PAC. All
Necron 2.0
A new Necron warrior character model.
[PROTOTYPE] Silhouette (desc)
Prototype Silhouette, a new type of armour used by Raven and Eagles, perfect for stealth yet still can take a hit, Operators will hardly be seen in the dark even if Night Vision goggles are in use, the suit will not react to light and will make
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