M1 Garand
From my WW2 Collection comes the M1 Garand,the classical American infantry rifle from WW2. Remember that reloading with ammo left is slower than waiting for the ping Sounds from Day of Infamy and SteelRaven
Revolver Mini-Pack
Welcome to my first pack. Well, mini-pack. There isn't going to be many revolvers in this pack so that's why I'm calling it a mini-pack. The final pack will have 4 revolvers (maybe more). .500 Magnum Revolver This beauty can kill anything in 1 shot
AirStrike [A-10]
With Targeter you can mark, and after some time arrives A-10, and destroys target Guns: GAU-8, Hydra 70 Flight altitude 200meters (from target level) Weapon place:Gears>AirStrike [SWOKE]>[A-10] Gears>Equipment>[A-10]
Production de Masse - Blues pt 2
BLUE PACK PART 1 CONTENTS: ------------------------------------------------------------ MK30 Carbine: The MK30 Carbine is essentially a cut-down MK30 Carbine, with a under-folding metal stock and shortened barrel. The A variant comes with a full
Gas Grenade
Adds a functioning gas grenade into the game which deals damage over time in a fairly large area. For whatever reason the grenade deals 3 damage to the player when you throw it. This shouldn't be too big of an issue most of the time.
Mars Patterns Weapon Pack Pt.1
After a long wating time, here I present you the Mars Patterns Weapon Pack Part 1! This pack DOESNT contain stuff to make a cake (sadly), tho it contains alot of rifles! These include: MAS: The MarsAssault Sniper Rifle, or MAS, is your preffered
Tactical Grenades Pack
Adds 9 new grenades into the game of varying utility. I may update this pack with more grenades, I haven't decided yet. Firework Grenade -Explodes into a patriotic array of colors Incendiary Grenade -Produces a small area of flames that does damage
20mm Flakvierling 38
The 20mm Flakvierling 38, Anti-Aircraft Gun. So this is an Anti-Aircraft gun. There's two versions of this. A HUD version, less historically accurate but easier to aim, and a regular version, which has 'sights' that I tried to make. If I figure out
Kriss Vector
Kriss Vector. 3D modeling and modding by Vextric. Animating by Apsel Friedrich.
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