Production De Masse pack - Blues pt 1
Following the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth great Wars between the Ravens and the Eagles, resources were at an all time low. The greatest minds of both the reds and the blues had to come up with some way to continue to arm their sides,
I'm fairly suprised that I finally got it to upload. SO YEAAH, it happens to be here. Next weapon? Hopefully the DP-28. The SVT-40 has gave me all sorts of issues because of the following: 1: Advanced reloads. 2: Scopes. I might just leave out
MAH-47 Meat Grinder
Small preview for a big pack comin' soon. This is the prototype of one of the weapons in the pack, the MAH-47, aka AUG Minigun. It has coustum animations already, altrougth cooldown and spinup dont work and that ended up making the gun ridicoulusly
AirStrike [AC-130]
With Laser Targeter you can mark target, and in a few seconds AC-130 (Plane) arrives with many guns Special thanks for: MellamoMellamo - making animation for targeter Vovcheg - Teaching El Papa - AC-130 Model Making Sui - Ac-130 Flyby sounds Used
CZ Scorpion Evo
Animations made by Apsel Friedrich.
Apsel's PDW9 Package
The PDW-9 is modeled after the Angstadt Arms UDP-9, a lightweight and fully customizable pistol caliber carbine. A close quarters weapon, the PDW-9 will see effective use when your target is just around the corner or right smack-dab in front of you.
Apsel's AKS 74U
Its a little baby AK. Mostly just seeing if I could get the "tactical AK reload" working, where you have 2 mags on screen at the same time. I think it turned out pretty nice, let me know that you think. It has a slightly higher rate of fire than the
WELCOME TO THE DESERT MOUNTAINS You will be presented with 3 points -- Abandoned airport -- Radar -- Warehouse You will present military battles on the ground and in the air
WWII Winter Assualt
As the Allies push closer to the heartland of Germany, the Germans are in no position of giving up. You liberated France but only will you face the true horrors of war but striking the heart of the Third Reich's war machine. This new map features -
Trident Submarine (Non-Nuclear Version)
Both versions of the Trident Submarine without the nukes. A fictional nuclear submarine, based off the US Ohio class submarines. Included is two version of the submarine, the regular version, the Trident-C, and the smaller version, the Trident-KV.
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