Armored Car
Not to be confused with the military definition, civilian armored cars are found in service with banks, law enforcement, and security firms. Since they're widely available, often cheaper than military hardware, and don't look out of place on a busy
Operatives Skins
One-size fits all shady characters. Agents of a mysterious, frightfully well-armed terrorist organization with unknown motives? Mercenaries on a ruthless client's payroll? Some country's special forces running black ops? Or maybe something more
Su-25 Frogfoot
Bring communism to the A-10 ! Specs - Maximum speed : 950 km/h - Weight : 19 300 kg ( One seater ) Weapons - GSh-30-2 w/ 1300 bullets - 8 missiles - 12 bombs - 20 rockets
[WW2 Collection] Type 100 smg
The Imperial Japanese army was very late to adopt sub machine guns, in fact, their prototypes and experiments on the Bergmann SIG 1920,which eventually led to the Type 100 as we know (the early version in fact) did not begin real deployment until
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It says that you made it can.
RTX 2070
all the mods on this site are stolen from other content creators don't download
tôi là người Việt và tôi chưa từng thấy chiến sĩ việt cộng nào cầm khẩu súng
I would love also the waffen ss
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