Terrorist and counter-terrorist force fight to capture and secure airport. You have two choice long range shooting on the airstip or the CQB in the buildings. Recommend: 40-60 bots point mach or batallions
Falcon H.II Gunship + Transport Helicopter Pack [Re-mastered]
The Falcon H.II "Dragonfly" was a helicopter that was designed for export use, but recieved next to no sales. As a result, it was pressed into service with the Falcon Air Force and Navies, who adapted the versions to meet their own ends. Contained
N3-IL Submachine Gun
A futuristic weapon with a totally original idea. I made everything myself and didnt reuse any animations, models or sounds. The gun has 50 bullets and low recoil, but has less damage than other weapons. I plan to update this mod in the future.
[SCPF] MTF Epsilon-11 "Nine-Tailed Fox"
Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 handles internal security for the SCP Foundation, under oversight by MTF Alpha-1. They are a special ops force deployed to Foundation Sites when standard protocols fail and multiple breaches are imminent. As such, most
Antarctic Laboratory
New map for the game Ravenfield - Antarctic Laboratory. You have to fight for control of a secret laboratory, lost in the ice of the Antarctic. It is recommended to install 20-30 bots.
Type 79(CWP)
Chinese Weapons Project - Type 79 (CWP) for Ravenfield. Type 79 CQB(Sub Machine Gun) 7.62×25mm Ammo: 20(+1)/180 Type 79 S(Sub Machine Gun) 7.62×25mm Ammo: 20(+1)/180 Type 79 with suppressor and holo sight.
[WW2 Collection] TT33
Designed to be a replacement of the Nagant revolver,the TT30 was a simple pistol,simple enough for the Soviet army.But in 1933,it's flaws were noted,and upgrades were made for convenience.Close to the M1911 internally,it was simpler,and a bit more
A beautiful Oasis map with good animation for the game Ravenfield. Map taken from BF BC2. Map Features: destructible buildings; screensavers; good optimization.
Operation Eagle
Operation Eagle is set in the ww2 in a fictional city of occupied france Recommended Modes: Battalions, Point Match Bots: 90 Mods WW2 You can comment if you want a special map. Things Used Polygon War Western Polygon Polygon City It is the first map
Imperial German Army [Project RF1]
And the skin I'm sure all of you were waiting for, the Imperial German Army! Sorry this took a little longer than expected. This mod contains two versions, Early War and a Late War. Something I'd like to just put out there is that most countries
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