[WW2 Pacific] Galoi Atoll
Combined naval, air, and amphibious combat on a small, unknown atoll in the Marshall Islands. Either team must use destroyers and cruisers to capture the approaches to the island, allowing them to land marines to seize the airfield, or enough flags
40mm Bofors AA Turret
40mm autocannon of Swedish design, which could be found in service with a number of nations' armed forces during and after WW2. Appearing here in its US Navy twin-mounted configuration.
Type 96 25mm AA Turret
A Japanese autocannon, based off of a French design, which saw extensive service during WW2. Appearing here in a triple-mount anti-air configuration.
M2 Browning Turret
When Ma-Deuce speaks, everyone listens.
LCVP Higgins Boat
The ubiquitous allied landing craft of WW2. Features an M2 machine gun, room for six passengers, and a working ramp (raises when coxswain's seat is occupied).
Continuation of the old LVT mod I made, this time featuring the 75mm howitzer, turning it into a potent amphibious infantry support platform, though is less effective against enemy tanks at range.
[WW2 Collection] Jungle carbine
A variant of the Lee Enfield devised for airborne operations, the No5 MkI, most commonly known as Jungle carbine due to it's use in the jungles of East Asia by Commonwealth forces during and after WW2,was a somewhat average rifle. It was lighter and
[WW2 Collection] Mills bomb
Developed during WW1 for the British army (potentially infringing on the pattern of a Belgian design), the Mills Bomb quickly became the official grenade of the British army in both WW1 and WW2. It was devised as a defensive grenade, meaning it was
[WW2 Pacific] Marshall Melee
A simple naval/aerial combat map. Ships can capture the central island to gain access to the airfield. Destroy the enemy carrier to win. Recommended bots: 60-80 Recommended to play with these ships: WW2 Pacific Fleet Pack
T-54 (1947)
The T-54 series of Soviet main battle tank came about in the search for a viable replacement for the war-winning T-34 Medium Tank of World War 2. The T-34 itself was a proven commodity in the conflict and appeared as a nasty surprise to German
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