WW2 British Armed Forces
Since I went ahead and did WW2 Americans, I decided that I might as well make some British ones since there weren't really any proper skins of them on the workshop either. Like half of these skins were finished today and so I am very tired again gg.
DEREK is here, times four! He's orange - he's blue - he's DEREK. Today, ported from GTTOD, I have four DEREK for you. - Teamcolor DEREK - ExcaliDEREK - Daft DEREK - and HEAVY DEREK, otherwise known as mister television head
- GTTOD - The Hunter
Seeker of ancient artifacts and known commonly as Doorguy, Door-Dude, and as the Doorman, his objective tends to be clear: Get To The Orange Door. Commissioned by Andrew, I spent like, thirty hours over two, three days making this guy - and,
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Japanese World War 2 Village
Cute map of Japanese World War 2 Village for, where you have to fight in a Japanese village during the Second world war.
[WW2 Collection] DP27 Machine gun
Designed during the 1920's with the intent of being a cheap and simple machine gun for the Soviet Army,the DP27 was used by the Soviets in all fronts of WW2,by the Finnish (They captured thousands),by German Volkssturm units,and by many other
Mil Mi-1
The Mil Mi-1 (USAF/DoD reporting name "Type 32",[2] NATO reporting name "Hare"[3]) was a Soviet three- or four-seat light utility helicopter. It was the first Soviet helicopter to enter serial production. It is powered by one 575 hp Ivchenko AI-26V
Desert Eagle .50
Israeli large-caliber pistol Desert Eagle .50 will add a mod to the game Ravenfield. Due to its size and intimidating appearance, it is often used in films, television productions, and computer games. Specifications: Initial speed: 400 m / s.
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MK-7 Handheld
The MK-7 Handheld mod adds a triple-mod MK-7 version to the Ravenfield game, originally installed on the Iowa and Montana classes, which never appeared. Specifications: Damage: 7500 Recharge: 2 sec.
Frozen Temple
A cold Battle for Unknown Technologies. Play as Eagle to defend their Research Facilitys. Or Play as Raven to get their Hand on those rare Artifacts Recommended Settings: Boutcount: 50-75 Respwawntime: 20 Seconds Gametype: Batallions, Pointmatch or
Tempestus Scions 2.0
Tempestus Scions, also known as Storm Troopers in Low Gothic, are the elite shock troops of the Militarum Tempestus. They are trained to carry out special operations such as deep strike assaults, reconnaissance and infiltration beyond enemy lines.
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