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Mod "Chimera Variations Pack" version 11.10.19 for Ravenfield (Build 17)

This is a collection of imperial (and heretical) vehicles, that use the chassis of the imperial Chimera APC as a base. Out of those the Chimera itself is probably the most versatile, with a crew capacity of 8 people in total, hullmounted lasguns, that cover almost the entire surroundings, a powerful turretmounted Multilas, and front mounted heavy bolter for additional anti-personell capabilities. In addition the Chimera is one of the few Vehicles employed by the imperial guard, that is able to function amphibiously.
The Hydra AA, while lacking the crew carrying capacity of the Chimera packs even more of apunch, especially against all manners of airborne heresy. It's 4 long barreled Autocannons have enough power and speed, that even the self repairing vehicles of the Necron can't keep up to the sheer devastation raining at them from below. As such the Hydra is the go to vehicle for every combat formation lacking flyers for aerial domination.
The Basilisk is a chimera chassis with an Earth-Shaker- Artillery Cannon mounted upon it. This cannon can rain hot, explosive damnation upon the foes of the emperor from multiple kilometers away. For anti-personnel purposes The basilisk features a front mounted heavy bolter.
The Hellhound is perhaps the vehicle most suited for employement against large swathes of relatively weak enemies, such as the Tyranids, as both its turret- aswell as front mounted heavy Flamers can spew large quantities of scorching hot promethium at them from multiple meters distance. However ist weakpoint is the largely exposed tank of Promethium, that, when hit directly, can lead to an unwanted and explosive scattering of the emperors burning mercy upon the Hellhounds surrounding. In addition the tank hinders the turret from firing behind it.
Rumors have it, that the forces of Chaos have their own Variation of this nasty piece of technology, aswell as of the baseline Chimera.. While nearly identical in funtion, their ones have a dark and twisted exterior in honour of the The Great Slaugtherer, the Blood God Khorne.
This item contains:
  • Chimera APC
  • Hydra AA
  • Basilisk Artillery
  • Hellhound Flame tank
  • Khornate Hellhound
  • Khornate Chimera
All variants include:
  • Custom Models (Heavy Bolter provided by Lordaloa)
  • Custom Sounds
  • Custom Particles (some provided by Lordaloa)
  • Custom Tracers


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