Vehicle Tuner
Allows you to modify the stats of vehicles (Cars, planes, boats, tanks, helicopters) Top Speed, acceleration, drift duration/ease, turn speed for cars! Acceleration (also Speed), base Lift, pitch/yaw/roll sensitivity for planes! Speed, stability,
A new system of health and injuries
This script adds a new system of limb injuries, bleeding, radiation, frostbite, ragmod, and stamina. Features: Injury to the limbs. Now the player's body is divided into 6 parts, each of which has its own health. Injuring different parts of the body
This mutator adds a bleeding system for the player. When taking damage, the player is given bleeding, which will reduce health at regular intervals. Bleeding can be cured by going to the supplycrate or medical kit. There are 3 bleeding modes: Mode
Half Life 2 Experience Mutator
Changes some elements of the game to Half Life 2
Chaos Mod
Essentially, this mod will apply a random effect to your game every 15 seconds (by default). Effects can either help the player, or unleash chaos and make the game harder to play. Before you start a match, make sure to enable the "Chaos" and "Chaos:
Post Processing Mutator - Woosh Crew
This Mutator will allow you to use a multitude of simple post processing effects. Effects  Basic Effects - Color Correction - Contrast - Tonemapping - Bloom Cinematic Effects - Vignette - Blur Vignette - Chromatic Aberration - Motion Blur Funny
Permadeath Mutator
Another self-explanatory mutator. It will make affected soldiers unable to respawn after dying.
First-Person Ragdoll Mutator
This mutator is pretty self-explanatory; it puts the player in first-person when ragdolled.
Chat Feed Enhanced
Introducing Chat Feed Enhanced, a new chat feed mutator that makes bot chatter a little more unique. Major features: Includes a MadLibs-style chat message generator that adds more variety! Bots now frequently make typos! (letter-swaps, mistypes,
Toggle Run
The "Toggle Run" mutator for the Ravenfield game allows you to switch between running and walking instead of holding down a key.
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