First-Person Ragdoll Mutator
This mutator is pretty self-explanatory; it puts the player in first-person when ragdolled.
Chat Feed Enhanced
Introducing Chat Feed Enhanced, a new chat feed mutator that makes bot chatter a little more unique. Major features: Includes a MadLibs-style chat message generator that adds more variety! Bots now frequently make typos! (letter-swaps, mistypes,
Toggle Run
The "Toggle Run" mutator for the Ravenfield game allows you to switch between running and walking instead of holding down a key.
Team Heroes
Main inspiration came from the Star Wars Battlefront classic series where a hero is added to both teams. The default settings for hero buffs and debuffs are listed below: Hero Buffs: 300 Max health Resupplies health and ammo to nearby teammates
Headshot Feedback
Plays a sound when you headshot a bot. Sounds included: CSGO Headshot No Helmet CSGO Headshot No Helmet 2 CSGO Headshot Helmet Thanks DeltaBit for the Division sounds! The Division - Bullet Impact (Headshot 1) The Division - Bullet Impact (Headshot
Vehicle Locking
This mutator allows you to lock vehicles by looking at them and pressing "H" on your keyboard. There is also a "Squad Only Mode" option that makes these changes only apply to your squadmates.
[COMMISSION] Stamina and Damage Indicator
This mod adds 2 mutators to your game. - Stamina. This is your classic stamina mechanic from most games, it depletes and re-generates depending on your movement. When re-generating, crouching or proning will make it generate faster. - Damage
Squad Tags
This mutator adds small tags above the heads of your squad members. This way they are more recognizable, in a crowd of soldiers. I mostly created this because I felt like I needed this feature, but I hope you also find it useful!
Weather Effects (Clouds, rain, sandstorm)
This mutator adds: Clouds (Flat and 3D) Rain Sandstorm Snow(flakes) Fog Planned features: Obstruct Vision of AI (Have to wait for the developer to expose that function) Tornados Snowstorm Random Lightning Strikes Config There are 4
Disable Friendly Fire + More Mutator
This mutator gives you a host of options to decide how different Ravenfield soldiers are allowed to damage each other, whether it be through health, knockdown, both, or none of the above. You can prevent friendly fire from both yourself and your
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