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Mod "Eagle & Raven Weapon Pack" version 18.11.19 for Ravenfield (Build 17)

This is the weapon pack I've made for my other Eagle & Raven mods. Also comes with Game Configurations, which will use all of the Eagle & Raven mods.
So the thing with this is that Eagle makes all of the original weapons, and Raven makes edits and changes to Eagle's weaponry, just so it can be different from Eagle. All weapons have auto and single shot versions(except for the MGs), plus a suppressed variant (except for dual wielded guns and sniper rifles).
The bullets that the weapons fire make somewhat realistic impact sounds, and all suppressed weapons and pistols in general have realistic looking bullets, which can be hard to see. All other weapons fire tracer bullets, that can help you identify which team is shooting (Red and Green is Eagle, Purple and White is Raven).
There are about 30~ different weapons in this pack. Also, the Sniper rifles and pistols have reload sounds.
I'll go ahead and list the weapons in order of the screenshots above.
Basically the Eagle's standard issue rifle, you may see them use this gun more often. Some soldiers still call it by it's name, but most call it the "Patriot".
RK-43 & RK-50:
RK-44's older brother. Looks almost the same to the RK-44, but better supports tracer rounds, and is a little more durable. Unforunately though, the RK-43 has slightly less stopping power. RK-50 is a single shot only variant of the RK, and can prove to be very accurate in the right hands.
M1 Garson:
Slightly modified version of the M1 Garettt, which can support tracer rounds and suppressors.
Standard Eagle sniper rifle. For when you need to kill a Raven that's a kilometer and a half away.
APMG (Armor Piercing Machine Gun):
Eagle's Standard MG. The Eagles love it.
Standard Issue sidearm. Sounds like a piece of wood smacking concrete. Reliable.
Dual Automatica:
Automatic pistols. Deadly at close range. Has a very metallic gunshot sound.
Ravens have a naming system when it comes to handheld weapons.
For example, in the name R.556 B8, R stands for weapon type(Rifle, Pistol, etc.), .556 is the caliber of the weapon(.300,.223, etc.), and B8 is just the version of the specified gun (B8,K4, etc)
R.223 A1 & A2:
Raven's standard issue rifles, They'll be equipped with this weapon most often. Predecessor of the M1R4, but slight edits have made the rifle fire slightly slower. The A2 version only fires single shot.
R.762 K4 & K7:
Raven's copy of the RK-44. Has a much slower fire rate than the RK-43, but some actually approve this because it helps sustain good accuracy, or so they say. The K7 is the single shot version.
R.30-06 G:
Basically an automatic M1 Garett. Slow fire rate, but that is needed so the gun doesn't fly out of your hands when shooting. Can be very effective at close range. Forget about trying to shoot at long distance.
MG.50 C:
Standard Raven machine gun. Slow fire rate, but can be just as deadly as the APMG.
R.300 M:
Raven copy of the PSG-80. Holds 16 rounds instead of 8. The barrel is covered to prevent damage from the elements, has a weird shaped muzzle.
P.9 F1:
Raven's primary sidearm. Has a distinct gunshot sound. Copy of the P-226. Still reliable.
Dual P.308 D2:
Raven's copy of the Automatica. Slight edits have been made, but the fire rate is the same.
EIW-19 (Explosive Infantry Weapon):
Basic rocket launcher. Very Effective against Infantry and Light Armored vehicles.
ATTD-40 (Anti Tank Targeting Device):
Lock on missile launcher. Used mostly for tanks, but can be used for other vehicles if needed.
AATD-92 (Anti Aircraft Targeting Device):
Lock on Missile Launcher, Mainly used on very fast aircraft or helicopters. Has an effective range of 8 km.


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod Admin
  • Mod author Mozfoo
  • Mod version 18.11.19
  • Test on game version Build 17
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 9.5 mb
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