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Mod "Subsector B: Project Cosmic Fire" version 24.11.19 for Ravenfield (Build 17)

I mean... I don't know what to say... This literally has made me nearly destroy something at least 50 times... and now that it's finally finished, I wanna do more... Well, folks, here's the easter egg from the Convair B-36 Peacemaker on the workshop. I released it on the Equinox. So here you go folks. The fully-armoured Type1 and Type2, otherwise known as the F-72 Solstice Reaper and the B-84 Slasher of the Equinox. Highly capable strategic bomber-fighter mixes. I mixed stuff up here, so the Type2 (B-84) has bombs but is faster and more maneuvreable than the Type1 (F-72), which has the missiles and strafe power. But enough of that. It's lore time.
Two drapes can only mean one thing... more weapons and tech. And that's what they found. Officially labelled F-72 and B-84, Eagle nicknamed them the Type1 and Type2. They were gathering materials for them during the Far War when the Ancients discovered the Neutronic Cannons but were wiped out before they could complete it...
Type-1 Weapons
Plasmora Psyche; AKA Lightning rounds
In-game: Fast firing quartet of autocannons, firing plasmora-tipped explosive rounds. Effective against soft-skinned targets such as infantry and aircraft. A single round is capable of killing a man in one hit, and the explosive effect makes it hard to evade for any unfortunate boots on the ground.
Airburst Thrillers; AKA Pin Missiles
In-game: Eighteen mini missiles, each equipped with a high explosive warhead for maximum killing efficiency. Great against targets not worth a nuke or two but are too tough for a gun run.
Angel 7s; AKA Nukes
In-game: The centerpiece of the Type-1’s armament. A pair of highly-damaging tactical nukes, complete with a radiation area-of-effect that can knock soldiers out of vehicles if they linger too long. Warning: product comes alongside the guilt of performing war crimes against unknowing Ravens.
Type-2 Weapons
Tessalia Neutron; AKA Plasma Cannons
In-game: Anti-armor, high-explosive plasma cannons, uniquely designed to fire in a four-round burst. An effective anti-infantry and anti-vehicular weapon, capable of decimating any unlucky armor or infantry.
Plasma Shock; AKA Napalm Bombs
In-game: Napalm is sooooo 20th century. Have these large-radius anti-infantry plasma bombs instead! Burning at an intense blue, the Type-2’s “napalm” bombs leave a wide AOE of damaging blue plasma on the ground. While not capable of plinking tanks anytime soon, it can remove large swaths of advancing infantry, and deny strategic corridors for a set amount of time before the plasma fizzles out. The impact will also knock bots down––avoid hitting your own troops.


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