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Mod "Leman Russ Main Battle Tank" version 03.12.19 for Ravenfield (Build 17)

The Leman Russ Main Battle Tank, one of the many backbones of the ground forces of Astra Millitarum.
Based on ancient STC technology rediscovered by the Space Wolfs Space Marine Legion on the World of Nova Borilia and Named in honor of their Primarch Leman Russ.
It's sturdy Armor, the vast array of weaponry the tank can be outfitted with, aswell as the relative ease of producing them en masse make the Leman Russ the go-to Tank for any Imperial Officer whose battlefield doesn't warrant the deployement of comparatively more potent Warmachines, such as the super heavy Baneblade.
While the Leman Russ is among the most basic vehicles fielded against enemies of the Imperium of Man, even the Standard Patterns pack enough of a punch to stand against most of them. The Normal Main Battle Tank is armed with a 120mm smoothbore Battlecannon suitable to damage even heavy armor. Additionaly it is outfitted with two sponson Heavy Bolters to hold hostile infantry at bay. To the front there is a Lascannon, that while not as deadly as the main gun, still vaporizes anything but the heaviest of armors. The last of the MBT's arsenal is a pintle-mounted heavy Stubber, that serves to cover the blindspots of the heavy bolters
While the standard Leman Russ has anti-infantry weaponry as a necessity in warfare, The Punisher Pattern Leman Russ has the slaughter of large swathes of enemy infantry as it's number one purpose. Armed with a Punisher Gatling-Gun that serves the Emperor's divine justice at around 1000 Rounds per minute. It is armed with an additional three Heavy Bolters to secure the Tanks close perimeter, where the main Gun can't be aimed at.
Of the all the officially recognized patterns of the Leman Russ perhaps the most potent and deadly, yet also the rarest and least forgiving, is the Executioner pattern Leman Russ. Instead of conventional projectile based weaponry, the Executioner is armed with a Turret Mounted Plasma Destroyer that can and will destroy everything it hits, aswell as the brave fools trying to push it beyond the permitted operational temperature. In addition it features two sponson mounted Plasma cannons, that while not as deadly, do still destroy most armoured targets. One front mounted Heavy Bolter provides the minimum of protection against infantry. For safety purposes, some Executioners have a feature, that completely prevents the Plasma Destroyers firing, after a recent shot, to allow the Gun to cool down to a safe level, before firing again. While the long delay poses a disadvantage, even one shot can annihilate an opponent of the same calibre as the Leman Russ itself

This item contains:
  • Leman Russ Main Battle Tank
  • Leman Russ Punisher Variant
  • Leman Russ Executioner Variant


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