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Mod "Russian Special Purpose Pack" version 31.10.20 for Ravenfield (Build 21)

Mod "Russian Special Purpose Pack" will add to the game a Russian set of special purpose of the following models:
PSS Silent PistolThe PSS was developed during the late 1970s and early 1980s to replace the older PB silenced pistol. Sometimes it is referred as the Vul. It was adopted by the Soviet Army and KGB in 1983. This silenced pistol was issued to special forces, reconnaissance units and KGB operatives. Currently it is still used by elite units of the Russian armed forces and special units of law enforcement forces. The PSS was never exported outside the Soviet Union. However it might be in service with some former Soviet republics.
Vag-73The VAG-73 (Russian: ВАГ-73) is an experimental caseless machine pistol designed by Soviet engineer Vladimir Alekseevich Gerasimenko. The VAG-73 is the successor to Gerasimenko's earlier semi-automatic design, the VAG-72. The VAG-73 is a select-fire machine pistol developed from the semi-automatic VAG-72 design. The VAG-73 is blowback operated and features a pneumatic slide buffer that decreases the rate of fire.
MSP GrozaThe MSP (Malogabaritnyj Spetsialnyj Pistolet – small special pistol) is one of the very rare, truly silent pistols – when it is fired, the only sound it produces is the quiet “click” of a firing pin. Yet, this pistol has no silencer, as every specially designed cartridge has an integrated silencing feature in the form of a gas-sealing piston that pushes the bullet and then locks the powder gasses within the strengthened case. For loading and unloading, two special rimless cartridges are loaded into a special steel clip, and then inserted into the open barrels. There are no extractors nor ejectors, as spent cartridge cases or unfired rounds are removed from the barrels by pulling the clip out of the gun manually. This ensures that no cases are left at the scene.The integrally suppressed ammunition also ensures no gunpowder residue is left on the user.
Soviet Laser PistolThe Soviet laser pistol was a prototype handgun-shaped energy weapon designed to be utilised by cosmonauts for use in an environment, which render ineffective conventional firearms (for its recoil, blast, exhaust gases and sound discharge would be critically damaging for the shooter and for the carrier spacecraft if used in zero-gravity, artificial atmosphere conditions.) The weapon was magazine fed and used pyrotechnic flashbulb technology to project its beam. The laser pistol fires from a 8 round box magazine with a derringer style breech. The laser pistol was designed for use on enemy satellites and sensors, however, due to the pyrotechnic bulb frying itself after every shot, it did not enter service.
Soviet Rectal GunThe KGB 4.5mm rectal gun is packaged in a rubber sheath to facilitate concealment in the rectum (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥). This is a common way of hiding items from cursory searches. The weapon is fired by twisting the knurled ring and twisting the barrel a quarter turn. Custom tiny projectiles (4.5mm in this case) were often intended to be laced with poison.
TP-82 Cosmonaut Survival PistolThe TP-82 was developed in 1981 in response to suggestion from Soviet astronaut Alexey Leonov in 1979. Leonov was an astronaut in the Voskhod 2 mission in 1965. During the return stage of the mission, the landing capsule deviated away from the intended landing zone and landed in the inhospitable wilderness in Siberia. Leonov and his partner, Pavel Belyayev, were aware of the wild animals around, and only had a Makarov pistol inside their survival kit for self-defense. The two astronauts had to spend one night inside the forest. This incident prompted the development of more advanced survival weapons for astronauts. Throughout its history of use, NASA astronauts have also trained with the gun on occasion. TP-82s were carried regularly on Soviet and Russian space missions from 1986 to 2006. In 2007, the media reported that the remaining ammunition for the TP-82 had become unusable and that a regular pistol would be used on future missions. The pistol was issued as part of the Soyuz Portable Survival Kit (Russian: Носимый аварийный запас, Nosimyi Avariynyi Zapas, or NAZ for short). Along with its ammunition it is known as "Sonaz". The two upper barrels are designed to fire 40 gauge, 12.5×70 mm ammunition whilst the bottom barrel is designed to fire a standard Ak-74 5.45×39mm round.
NRS-2NRS (Нож Разведчика Стреляющий НРС) recon / scout shooting knife is one of most indigenous and most rarely used weapons of the Soviet and Russian Spetsnaz. Originally designed during 1970s as a close combat weapon for army reconnaissance units, it combines a combat knife with built-in single shot “pistol”, firing internally silenced, captive piston 7.62mm SP-3 ammunition. Later on, this weapon was redesigned to accept more modern and slightly more powerful 7.62mm SP-4 noiseless ammunition. This improved version, which also features redesigned blade, is known as NRS-2. Both versions were produced at the Tula arms factory (TOZ), along with non-firing combat/utility knives of similar design, known as NR and NR-2, respectively. While NRS and NRS-2 might look very spectacular and “007-stylish”, in reality they are no more effective as any other combat / utility knife; firing of the NRS requires steady, two-hand hold and good nerve, because aiming of the built-in gun requires knife to be held with its blade pointing to the face of the shooter, sheath off. It must be noted that shooting NRS with the sheath off is less dangerous that it seems due to very low, almost nonexistent recoil. There is also an NR-2 Variant which does not have the shooting mechanism of the knife, but rather a survival kit.
TKB-506The TKB-506 (Russian: ТКБ-506) was a small handgun designed to look like a cigar cutter, developed by Igor Stechkin, allegedly on the orders of the KGB. There have been some records of use of the TKB-506 by the KGB's First Chief Directorate. The weapon was designed to look like a cigar tin, and has three barrels arranged in a vertical fashion. The trigger is a small button and is meant to look like the locking latch of a cigar tin. The barrel length is noticeably short "to increase damage".


Mod Info

  • Uploaded by: Mod-X
  • Mod author Ninjagrape
  • Mod version 31.10.20
  • Test on game version Build 21
  • File format ZIP
  • Size 17.9 mb
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