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Mod "Wolfenstein TNO 1960 Weapons" version 16.05.21 for Ravenfield (Build 24)

There are a total of 7 weapons, with 19 different variations:
  • Machine Gun 1960 or Maschinengewehr 60/Mg60:
    The ridiculous laser-powered successor of the infamous quad barrel Mg46, with 250 round ammo capacity that can melt through even tanks.
    Yes, this weapon is anti-armor, in reference to its ability to melt armor and destroy cover.
  • Assault Rifle 1960 or Sturmgewehr 60/Stg60:
    The Wehrmacht's standard-issue assault rifle in 1960, looks like a strange hybrid of the Stg44 and Heckler & Koch G3, holds 45 rounds with 225 reserved.
    Functionally it is far better than its 1946 counterpart, with great stopping power and mild kickback.
    Personally my favorite gun in the whole game, to the point I even made an "alternate version" of it in this very is not very good though.
  • Shotgun 1960:
    Germans of the time hate I wonder why do they even bother making one of these...
    Anyway, this is an automatic, belt-fed shotgun that appears to have the receiver cover of an MG42 and the trigger group and pistol grip of the Sturmgewehr 44, holding 20 shells apiece.
    I just use the standard AR-15 animation on this one because I can't be asked, it is probably my least proud weapon in this pack.
  • AR Marksman:
    A semi-auto marksman version of the Assault Rifle 1960.
    It comes with a scope and has a noticeably larger magazine than the Stg60, but only holds 10 rounds and can often kill in a single shot.
    It also comes with a fully automatic laser version, because the original game said so.
    But unlike the original game, I make it into magazine-fed instead of charging. The laser itself is anti-light vehicle such as jeeps, and I actually count the laser in TNO to know it holds 50 shots per charge (in the original game it only has a power meter instead of the number of shots you have).
  • Handgun 1960:
    A retro-futuristic Luger that retains the Luger's complicated toggle-lock system, rather than the modern slide action, very German that is.
    A "Moon" white version of the pistol is also featured. Both versions hold 20 rounds and functions basically the same.
  • Grenade, or Stielhandgranate 60:
    I believe this weapon doesn't physically exist in TNO. Instead, we got the Tesla grenade, but whatever.
    It is an upgraded version of the Stielhandgranate 24, functions basically like any other grenade. Except it doesn't roll and you can throw it farther.
  • Knife, or Kampfmesser


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