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2-11-2018, 15:13

Map "(PA - 2LW) Nightmare at Skolgva" version 31.10.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

Map Type: Zombie Defense
Recommended bots: 100 or more (balance slider to at least 1/2 red)
Recommended weapons: Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War pack for Eagle, sabers or melee weapon of your choice for Raven

The following was recovered from the information archives of the Syrvanian Office of Civil Interest shortly after the collapse of the Kruvik regime. It was the sole surviving document from the "SK Files". All others were destroyed, or have yet to be located. It was taken from the diaries of a Syrvanian soldier, their name and unit remain unknown.


A few weeks ago, we received word that the push near the town of Skolgva was called off. Two days ago, when we suddenly received word "from the highest authority" to occupy the town, we realized why. The whole place had been gassed. The town, the farms outside, every building and foxhole, lay under a blanket of some sickly green fog. We were given gas masks, and told we'd have to keep them on the whole time we were stationed there. Can't even take them off to eat, except in this weird tent they'd set up in one of the buildings. Not enough room to lay out cots in there, so we have to wear them to sleep, too.

The fog is so thick, I can barely see past the trees outside of town. Maybe this damn mask is driving me crazy, or maybe it's the gas. But I swear, there's something out there."

I've had a map in a somewhat-finished state for some time now, but could never get bots to work the way I wanted them too. It's been on hiatus while I worked on a couple other maps. I wanted to do something fun for halloween, but didn't quite have the time, so I dredged this map out, scaled it down, and made it a zombie defense map. Put it together within four hours or so, and it's a bit late for Halloween, but here's hoping it can provide some fun.

Also, took the opportunity to update the weapons pack with this little release - You might find some handy tools in there.


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