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Skin "(PA - 2LW) Skins Collection" for Ravenfield (Build 11)

Character models from Project Altirus: The Second Leersog War, now available to Beta branch players as standalone skins. Includes the following:

Syrvanian Army Infantry
When Chergaria invaded Syrvania in 524, Syrvania's armed forces were ragged and ill-equipped, and succeeded thanks only to competent leadership and foreign involvement. Now, in Hetland, they have become the invaders. While NCO and officer ranks are filled by veterans, the bulk of their infantry force is comprised of raw recruits, typically between the ages of fifteen and twenty years. Most hail from rural backgrounds, but as the invasion of Hetland begins to lose steam, their compatriots working in factories have been enlisted to fight alongside them.

Hettic Home Army
Despite their proud tradition of excellence, Hetland's military was in no condition to fight a prolonged war. While Syrvania modernized her armies, Hetland focused on her infrastructure, while elements of her aristocracy took more than their share for their own coffers to celebrate Altirus's economic golden age. As a result, the Home Army was only prepared at the final hour, and their leadership - unprepared for the swift, mechanized tactics used by Syrvania - was thrown into disarray. The Guardsmen on the frontline, drawn from all ages and walks of life, pay the price for this.

Syrvanian Army Infantry with gas masks
Chemical warfare was not common during the Second Leersog War, with the only documented case being the large-scale gas bombardment of Skolgva. It was generally avoided, as Syrvanian high command feared that toxins infiltrating the air and soil could ruin Leersog's arable land, and potentially render areas uninhabitable in the long term. Nevertheless, some Syrvanian units were issued with gas masks, fearing that the retreating Hetts might have no such qualms over scorched earth.

Hettic Home Army with gas masks
Most Hettic Home Army units were supplied with gas masks, but were not often taken into combat due to Syrvania's hesitance to use poison gas. However, the R-K Type chemical hood issued to them made its reputation known in Skolgva, as its ghastly appearance led many Syrvanian soldiers to believe they were fighting "hollow men", arisen from death to punish them for the atrocity they'd committed.

Hollow Men (Zombies)
The Skolgva incident remains to this day as a controversial subject. Isolated, guilt-stricken, sleep-deprived, and suffering from a lack of oxygen from lingering gas and their own protection from it, Syrvanian troops reported being attacked by "hollowed-out men", corpses of dead Hetts which sprung to life and attacked their garrison in town. The truth was more mundane, the incident has been exploited by popular fiction and conspiracy theories ever since, in particular, the Office of Civil Interest's investigation into the matter. The memoirs of former Office Field Inspector Ilo Breczevitz describe the incident as "the most humiliating matter in the history of any government organization, as far as I'm concerned".

Syrvanian Army Air Corps
The Syrvanian Defense Aviation Corps was initially centered around anti-bomber defense, surveillance, and liaison roles. In the years leading up to the invasion by Chergaria, however, it had purchased bombers and attack aircraft of its own, intending to use them in a "quick-response support unit". To streamline command structures, the Defense Aviation Corps was integrated into the Army as the Army Air Corps, and has proven invaluable in Syrvania's offensive in Leersog. Suitable aviators are taken from wherever there are volunteers, be they officers, enlisted men, or civilians. This has given them a numerical advantage over Hetland's Royal Flying Service, but their lenient selection process means that Hetland has an edge in terms of skilled pilots.


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