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Mod "Mo' Vanilla Guns Pack" version 20.11.18 for Ravenfield (Build 11)

Featuring 7 alternate RK rifles, 5 AR's, 6 pistols and 2 snipers! (A TOTAL OF 20 guns!)

All the weapons in this pack are modeled after the vanilla weapons, and are balanced based off the stats of their parent weapon. This means that, Ideally, all the weapons should fit almost SEAMLESSLY with the vanilla ravenfield weapons!

RKM: Older brother of the RK-44. The higher caliber cartridge means more recoil, but the lower rate of fire means it's still controllable. Less accurate.
RK-44 PDW: A RK-44 without a stock and with a shorter barrel. Less accurate and unweildly, but boasts 30 rounds in a compact PDW package.
RKPK: A Modified RK-44, Fitted with a longer barrel, bipod and 40 round magazines. Fires more accurately, especially in full auto bursts.
RK-44 DMR: A RK-44 with a longer barrel and custom thumbhole stock. More accurate at a range, but less accurate automatic bursts. 20 round mag.
RK-44 DMRM: A RK-44 DMR fitted with modern furniture, night-sights and a ACOG sight. Only fires semi, with 10 round magazines, but is very accurate compared to the standard RK-44.
Salvaged RK-44: A testimate to the rugged nature of the RK rifles, and proof that duct tape can fix anything. Innacurate and has high recoil, and fires slower than the standard RK-44.
RK-44 Aftermarket: A Standard RK-44, Fitted with custom green plastic furniture, picatinny rails, a collapsable stock and holosight. Slightly more accurate than the standard RK-44.

Old Glory: A older model of the Patriot, fitted with iron sights and green plastic furniture.
Patriot LMG: A Patriot, fitted with 60 round coffin magazines. Can hold more ammo than a standard patriot, but has less in reserves due to the bulk of the magazines.
Mini Patriot: A Patriot fitted with a significantly shorter barrel and a removed stock makes for a great PDW, but sacrafices accuracy and creates significant recoil due to the muzzle blast.
Patriot DMR: A Patriot chambered for a larger rifle caliber, with an ACOG, 20 round magazines and a bipod. The longer barrel means more accuracy, but it is limited to semi automatic fire.
Salvaged Patriot: Further proof that ductape can fix anything. More recoil and less accuracy than the standard Patriot, but it'll make you look like someone from mad max.

Wolf: Sometimes called the "Big Brother" of the SL-Defender. 5 round bolt-action chambered for a high velocity, high damage round, in a sexy black-finished package. The bolt is slow to cycle.
Blackbear: A high-caliber anti material rifle, designed to stop jeeps and ATVs. The rounds are of a slightly lower velocity than most sniper rifles, but the damage more than makes up for it.

MK1191: An old war horse, chambered for high caliber pistol rounds. More accurate than the newer MK25, but with a measly 7 round capacity.
MK1191 Tactical: A new take on an old classic. Fitted with night sights, a supressor, and a slightly larger magazine, the MK1191 is back and better than ever.

GP18: A high-capacity polymer framed handgun, toting a 15 round magazine and low-light sights. Fires a slightly higher velcoity round than the MK19, but with less stopping power.
GP17A: A modified GP18 pistol, with an automatic firing pin, 30 round extended magazines and heavy muzzle to compensate for the INSANE rate of fire. Makes for a great close-range PDW, but its effectiveness is negligable at a distance.

Ramakov PK: A Classic sidearm, commonly carried by many of the Raven's officers. Slightly more accurate than the standard MK25, but with a 10 round magazine.
Ramakov PB: A modernized Ramakov PK, fitted with a supressor and carbon fiber grip module.

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