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Mod "Mercs & Marines - Colonial Marine Arsenal" version 22.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)


This mod contains pulse rifles, grenade launchers attached to pulse rifles, rocket launchers, combat armor, shotguns from the 30s, tanks, and more to come from the future of the 80s!

Be warned that I have never animated anything before this mod pack, nor have I actively published any real mods on the Workshop - there will be bugs, and they will need stomping, so if you see something then let me know!


A high-capacity leadslinger from the future of the 80s, the M41A pulse rifle is the primary firearm of the US Colonial Marines, firing caseless 10mm light armor piercing rounds with explosive tips at a cyclic rate of around 900 rounds per minute. Often attached to the M41 model is an underbarrel pump-action grenade launcher, though some variants such as the M41C Pulse Carbine forgo this, freeing up more weight for more ammo.

Typically seen fighting aliens such as wayward chestbursting xenomorphs, or upstart corporations, the M41 excels in closer quarters. The M40 grenade isn't to be underestimated either, with a hefty blast contained within a compact frame that can easily be carried in large numbers.

When it comes to Anti-Armor, weapons such as the M83A2 SADAR make up the bulk of USCM AT, capable of firing guided or unguided projectiles to blast enemy tanks to bits - or, in a pinch, enemy aircraft out of the sky. Sometimes, though, it pays to keep old reliable for close encounters, and the M37 shotgun sees use even in the 2180s as a close combat weapon.

When it comes to deploy the big guns, the tank regiments of the USCM are somewhat far and few between, but the M22 Jackson forms the backbone of any armored unit worth their so-called panzers.

The wielders of these weapons tend to be the US Colonial Marines themselves, as well as a number of mercenaries.

Included in this mod at this time:

- Nine weapons!
-- The M41A pulse rifle, M41C pulse carbine, M4RA DMR, and M37 trench shotgun as primaries,
-- The M37 Stakeout as a secondary,
-- And the M41A Grenade Launcher, M40 HE-DP Grenade, M4RA Shotgun and M83A2 SADAR as pieces of kit!
-- Custom animations for every weapon!

- Two vehicles!
-- The M22 Jackson MBT, seen only in the USCM tech manual!
-- The V62 Attack VTOL!

- Playermodels!
-- Colonial Marines and Corporate Mercs!

Weapons actively planned:
- M5 RPG (AT, modeled)
- M78 PIG (AT)
- G2 Stun Bomb (Low damage, high radius, high knockdown)
- VP70 Combat Pistol (High capacity)
- M42A Scoped Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
- M41AE2 Heavy Pulse RIfle (SAW) (Modeled, needs polishing)
- M56 Smartgun

Vehicles planned (may be released separately):
- AD17 Cougar (Normal plane) (Modeled)
- AD19 Bearcat (Attack plane) (Modeled)
- UD4L (CAS only) (Remodel needed)
- Transport VTOL (Modeled)
- Smartgun-Armed hoverbike
- Motorcycle (Modeled)
- M577 APC

Other plans:
- Attach a flamethrower to the M22 and add canister shot?
- Reanimate the M41A GL on the updated M41 model
- Get AI to stop spamming all their SADAR shots
- Custom UI for the SADAR scope (nonessential)
- More versions of the Merc & Marine armors (Recon mercs, Marine Snipers, Smartgunners?)
- Ammo Counter (research required)
- Figure out what passes for balanced
- Look into alien models at some point
- Maybe learn how to do a little colony map


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