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Mod "Horizon Defense Forces Weapon Pack" version 25.12.18 for Ravenfield (Build 12)

After some wait, I'm finally back. Thanks to the efforts of mine and mellamomellamo, this weapon pack delivers you 13 brand new weapons of the Horizon defense forces!


Content: Added AR-34 Unsurpressed, RAS-12 has increased spread, made the MP-17 Akimbo less op
Bugs: Bots can no longer use the Reaper 30mm, Fixed gun sounds not "dropping over distance"

HWT Assault Rifle 55

The HWT AR55 is the HDF's standard issue rifle. The weapon was developed in 2275 and since then proved itself in the field of combat. It is very reliable, almost never having a stoppage, fires a high power cartridge and can be used in almost every environment thanks to its ammo- Caseless Sealed Ammunition.

The rifle is made out of a extremely resistant polymer, making it incredibly tough, yet also light for a weapon of it's size.


Weigth: 2 kg
Mag Capa: 40 Rounds in a STIK- Mag.
RoF: 4 Shot Burst
Accurate Range: 470 meter

HWT MP-17 "Pocket Rocket"

After troops demanded a better sidearm to fit the rapidly changing combat environment of the 22nd century, the Future Sidearm Project was born. After several years of tests, the FSP gave rise to the MP-17. Firing 5.7x28mm Caseless Sealed Ammunition, the gun is sworn by with some, while others regard it as a last resort gun, due to the rather high recoil, and mild chance of a stoppage due to the fire rate.


Mag Cap: 40 Rounds
Weigth: 1 kilogram
RoF: 35 RPM
Accurate Range: 150 meter

HWT Cougar PDW

The Cougar is a compact Machinegun, usually handed out to Tank crews. As some of the Wraith Pilots had concerns about the Pocket Rockets quick mag dumb, HWT had to develop a weapon with the same manstop-power that does not empty the magazin within 4 seconds. The Result was the Cougar- The magazin ,which lays on top of the Weapon, has a capacity of 90 9mm caseless rounds. To further increase the weapon effectivity over time it can also fire in 2-shot bursts.

Mag Cap: 90 Round, non extentable
Weigth: 3 kg
RoF: 1100 RPM
Ammo Used: 9mm Caseless
Effective Range: 350 meters

HWT M-99 Standart-Issue Sidearm

The M-99 is a .45 Pistol developed in 2275. The Pistol fire the Caseless .45 Pistol round, the same one used by the MP-17. The Reason some soldiers prefer the M-99 over the MP-17 is the accuracy and recoil- thanks to the MP-17's ligth weigth and high-rof it is often difficult to controll the weapon. The M-99 on the other hand fires the same cardrige, yet it is way more compact and thanks to a longer barrel more accurate too. Since 2285 it is the main sidearm of HDF Soldiers.


Mag Cap: 20 Rounds
Weigth: 1.2 kg
RoF: Semi Auto, 900 RPM
Ammo used: .45 Caseless
Effective Range: 450 meters

Venom Industries V-8

The V8- one of VI's finest weapons. A elegant weapon, only given to high command officers. Only 800 where ever Manufactured. The Revolver fires a .500 Caseless round. The Break action makes it possible to easily change the entire cylinder.


Cylinder Cap: 6
Weigth: 1.1 kg
RoF: Not meassured
Ammo used: .500 Caseless
Effective Range: 1050 meters

HWT Saber Anti-Tank Device

The Saber is a ligth Should-fired AT Gauss Cannon. It fires a 45mm Flecchet that can reach a muzzel velocity of up to 6500 Km/h. This gives the weapon a strong Kickback which has to be compensated by both the Weapon itself and the Operator.


Mag Cap: 5
Weigth: 12.5 kg
RoF: N/A
Ammo used: 45mm AT
Effective Range: 7500 meters

Venom Industries AR-34

The AR-34 was used only for the sake of saving money and was much less efficient than the 55, however it was quite open source and modular making it easy for the user to customize it to their needs


Mag Cap: 30
Weight: 5.5 kg
RoF: N/A
Ammo used: 7.5mm
Effective Range: N/A

HWT 30mm G-AMR "Reaper"

A heavy anti materiel rifle.
After the introduction of heavier armor, and the up-armoring of vehicles, as well as the deployment of heavily armored suits, a new weapon was needed that could reliably kill these.
The reaper was the solution.
With a 30x180mm CSA round, it pulverises enemies. However, when they decided they wanted still harder hitting rounds, they looked to the past and utilized an improved version of the Gyrojet. Most of the time, it is utilized against heavy armor suits for guaranteed killshots.


The MG-66, orginally the machine gun known as the co-ax of the M-600 Wraith, is a MMG developed by Athena Armory in 2210 and redesigned for infantry usage by HWT in 2255. The weapon itself is very heavy and has a hard and mercyless kickback, which has to be compensated by the soldier. Often this weapon is given to exo-soldiers, as the exo-skelleton makes controlling the weapon alot easier.

MK-90 Percision Marksmen Rifle

creativity died after the venom 8 sorry


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